Day 18 of the Great Release Challenge!!

You'll be Amazed at how GREAT you will feel when you get those trash bags out of your living space!

Day 18 of the Great Release Challenge!
30 Days to an Awesome New You!

by Silver RavenWolf

Today’s post is short.  It is the weekend, as I mention further down the blog, and you may already have a long list of tasks related to the holiday season and family responsibilities to deal with today.  Remember that the entire program is your choice, and you can do as you like.  Fit what you can in — don’t stress over what you can’t.  The idea is to enjoy the challenge, okay?

Your Mission Today:  Our challenge today is dedicated to one of our enthusiastic challenge buddies — Take out at least one bag of trash that has just been sitting there for ages.  You were doing great.  All fired up!  You filled those bags… and there they sat.  They might have been too heavy (okay, so break it into two bags), or perhaps you kept thinking I’ll get it later, and then the out-of-sight-out-of-mind scenario hit.  Maybe you became ill, or just really, really busy.  If you are super lucky and don’t have any offending bags hanging around the premises — then your challenge today is to get rid of any and all dead plants.   No dead plants?  That’s good, because it is thought that dead plants are not only visual mood sappers, but energy black holes!  Don’t need that!

No trash?  No dead plants?  Find one small area (not a big one unless you have loads of time today) that you have been avoiding.  Tackle that!

I realize that this is the weekend.  Yule is almost upon us.  Christmas not far ahead.  You might be spending the day doing last minute things with a party scheduled tonight (that’s what’s happening here).  Do what you can today and leave it at that.  Tomorrow is another day!

No party tonight?  Then have one!  Even if it is just yourself, kick back, put on a favorite movie or music, light a nicely scented candle, gaze at the Yule tree — whatever makes you feel joyful.  Remember today’s twitter?

JOY = Just Own Yourself — and everything else will fall into place.

My Release Diary:  I spent the day with all sorts of catch-up tasks.  I re-evaluated when bills were due, subscriptions, our family schedule for the next two weeks, cleaned out my e-mail, went to the post office, picked up last minute gifts for our BFC Solstice party, threw in a load of laundry, enjoyed making dinner for my daughter and granddaughter (who trundled home with the monkey bigger than herself) and drug out the train set to put under the Yule tree.  In Pennsylvania?  You can’t EVER have a Yule tree without a train set!  Enola, once just about the biggest railroad yard in the US, is only a stone’s throw from here.  No matter where you are in the tri-county area, you can always hear the trains, especially at night when the stillness acts like a trampoline for the clanking locomotive wheels and forlorn whistle skittering over those cold, frosty tracks.  Okay, so I get poetic with the winter train thang.  Childhood memory that stayed good.  After dinner we (as in granddaughter and daughter) watched a Disney Tinkerbell movie.  The moon was in Taurus today — which figures.  We ate comfort food for dinner, watched a family-comforting movie, and welcomed the security of traditional memories (the train).  Yep.  Going with the flow.  How about you?

Are you remembering to do your morning Braucherei prayers?  Several of your challenge friends have had wonderful success with it already.  I changed the post heading so you can find it better in the archives.

Here’s hoping today is simply a glorious, delight-filled experience!  You deserve it!


12 thoughts on “Day 18 of the Great Release Challenge!!”

  1. Dear Silver,
    What a sense of accomplishment! Although there is usually something important missing for the spells,I still got a lot done. Only need to save roots and throw out the nearly-dead plant, then go back to my set of drawers to recheck what needs to go. As I live in one room, and on a fixed income, I get things when I can. But it feels great clearing the little clutter I had, out. Great time of year to uncross!Blessed Be! And Thank You!!! Shine in Her Light!

  2. Hi
    I got a tad behind so jumping in
    Today the pantry is fully cleaned out – ready to be stocked – I always see the New Year in with pantry full.
    Ceilings in kitchen cleaned, top of cupboards cleaned with help of ds & dh – good to have tall fellas aye.
    Oh my dead plant – how did that happen? Out it goes.
    Recipe books sorted & tossed out ones not used.
    Love Leanne NZ

  3. Dear Silver,
    Saturday is my usual clean up day, so it’s a pleasure to line up the bags and take them out one by one. Buh-bye tatters and torn, grub and grime never return!

    By the way, I love the Braucherei hand towel spell you gave us yesterday. I love the simplicity of it. You can just tell that it will work, well, like a charm!

    I have all your books, and am so grateful to have now found your blog. Through the years you have been a source of solace, inspiration, and practical results. In fact, I wanted to tell you that it was your Venus Spirit Pot spell that brought my husband of six years right to my doorstep. How do I know it was your spell and that he was THE ONE? Because as per your instructions, I asked the Venus spirit to give me a sign of course!

    You’re the one who is AWESOME Silver. Forever blessed!

    1. Ouuuu! True love! How wonderful to hear! That’s always such heart warming news! I’m so glad you did the Buh-by on the torn, the grub, and the grime! Very cool! Thank you also for the kind words about my work. That is the most beautiful gift! Thank you so much! You are AWESOME!

  4. Silver,
    Thank you, thank you, thank you a million times over. Your Great Release Challenge has helped me unload so much emotional and material garbage. I didn’t realize how much toxic stuff I was holding onto until I started day 1 and worked my way through to day 18. It’s almost like this challenge gave me permission to throw and give things away. Odd,right? But now I feel incredible! lol Thank you. :hugs:

  5. Dear Silver,

    The phone calls went off without a hitch today. And as my day is just starting I have two or three ideas what to tackle – since I have no trash and no dead plants! Wish me luck – lol.


  6. Took out one bag of trash from the second floor… nothing phenomenal… that bag gets very little trash put into it so it takes quite a while to fill it. It was close enough… out it went. New bag in place.

    Trimmed and pinched back the plants that are still getting accustomed to the dry indoor heat after having been outdoors during the spring, summer, and fall.

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