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Day 17 of the Great Release Challenge!

Jamieson says -- Tis the Season to Take Care of All Those Loose Ends!

Day 17 of the Great Release Challenge!
30 Days to an Awesome New You!

by Silver RavenWolf

Your Mission Today:  Take care of whatever can bite you in the …um…tuckus.  You know, that stuff you’ve been putting off.  A phone call you should have made two weeks ago, the bill that is now ten days past due (you’ll get there), the doctor’s appointment you were supposed to go to; but, it was cancelled because the physician was sick (hey, happened to us), the bag your promised to sew for your sister, the box of stuff you were supposed to drop off to charity two weeks ago… clear out your e-mail, check on when subscriptions expire, pay attention to your own messes (not those of others).

Mercury retrograde is the perfect time to tie up these things and give you a little peace of mind as an added incentive.  Deal with old business now, say the Mercury retrograde experts, and it won’t come back.  Sprucing up the place is not out of line — painting and fixing are okay (they say), hanging the painting you bought last summer and never got around to getting it all on the wall…

Today begins the second week of Mercury retrograde, giving us a great opportunity to reach out and touch folks we’ve not heard from in awhile.  Check on-line groups you’ve joined and determine whether or not you wish to continue participation.  Although outside communication seems somewhat stifled – incoming news can be a whole different ballgame, especially if the information was hidden or not available to you earlier.  Now, the avenue may be open for you to catch exactly what you need.  Finally, if you lost something important in the last few months (a special book, keys, jewelry) Mercury retrograde is the perfect time to do magick for its return, as well as put in a concerted effort to re-search your living environment just one more time.  You may be pleasantly surprised!

Some of you have asked me about the interaction of  yourself and others in the household over your new, de-cluttering routine.  Mercury retrograde cautions that you should “pick your battles” — don’t nitpick.  There will be time enough when Mercury turns direct that you can deliver your change in personal behavior in a more polite, and less controversial manner.

If it is information you need, there is a fun Braucherei (Pow-Wow) spell designed specifically for this purpose.  It is so simple you can hardly believe that it works — but, it does.

Braucherei Way To Obtain Information

Wet an old hand towel or washcloth until it is sopping.  Face east.  (Outside is best; but, if you are in bitter cold climes, keep healthily inside).  As you twist the cloth right and left to wring it out — state what information you are trying to obtain (for example:  I want to know…) and then say (or whisper), nine times:

Twist it right.
Twist it left.
Wring it out.
Come about.

And visualize yourself obtaining what you want to know.  Be sure you end the wringing sequence with a left twist.  That’s all there is to it!  If the information seems slow in coming or you think it might be buried fairly deep — repeat the process twice more — for a total of three sets.  If you need the truth to something urgently?  Add a tigereye gemstone to the water.

My Release Diary — After sifting through a huge pile, both silverware drawers are done!  It snowed a bit here (not much) and I found myself out in it, running a few errands.  Today was a relatively quiet day filled with catch-up tasks, and the evening filtered in a lot faster than I anticipated.  Tomorrow I want to do research on this year’s solstice and eclipse energy.  A few of you have been asking, and I’d like to review the information.  If you want to know what December will be like for you, check out Susan Miller’s website —  You’ll find tons of interesting information there.  I re-loaded my WinStar program (which I never did get transferred to this computer) and will take a good look at it in the morning.  Although it is taking time, the house is feeling better, and I know that when I get my courage up to go in my son’s old room and actually drag out the last of it, it will feel 100 times better!

Keep me posted on how you are doing!  I’ve not heard from some of you in a few days, and new voices are always nice, too!

Onward and upward to an AWESOME new you!


Llewellyn Author of over 23 magickally enchanting books. Braucherei practitioner. Artist, photographer, quilter, chandler, doll maker and lover of genealogy. Visit her WhisperMagick online shoppe at

28 thoughts on “Day 17 of the Great Release Challenge!

  1. Hey Silver! So most of my loose ends are people (not family, like we talked about the last time. That happily, is going better). I’ve gone through quite an overhaul in 2010 and am so ready to put the past behind me. There are still a few ‘freinds’ from way back when that aren’t ready for a happy life, and while we’ve grown apart, they still manage to hang on to me. I’m a fairly laid back person and don’t want to hurt anybody, but at the same time I realize that they have gotta go. Any insight on the best way to handle that? As far as the silverware challenge, I was told that I was not to throw away anything that doesn’t belong to me, period (I’m living with my parents again, remember?). So I cleaned the silverware drawer, just to keep in line with everyone else, and went through my crochet needles. You know I’ve managed to collect about five sets of ’em! So, I’m giving those to various friends and family who can use them and appreciate them. Really liking these challenges. Did you see my comment on your FaceBook author page? Someone said something about making this into a book, I think that’s a brilliant idea, you could include your prosperity and fix it ‘n finish programs too! (Are we gonna do those again too?)

    1. Hey Mason! I need to do that, too! Go through my knitting needles and crochet hooks. I’ve been collecting quite a few these past few years and not thought much about them because they are all at the bottom of that big, huge, giamongous tote thingie. On that don’t touch it scenario — oh, yeah! I’ve gone through that many, many times. The good thing though, is that you reorganized the drawer. Now “they” know what they have and what they don’t, and it may naturally lead to some things being discarded. My daughter-in-law laughs at me because I don’t use many serving spoons anymore, I use tongs. They are great for meat, whole potatoes, spaghetti, and more. I have four sets of tongs because I’m often cooking for six people or more. On silverware drawer day I threw out ten more serving spoons and any silverware that didn’t match. Now, I had to be careful with this because I have a fork gremlin in my house. Some day, when I move, and they level the house, they are going to find an altar built of forks deep in the recess of the basement where the fork trolls and fork gremlins gather for celebration.

      1. Goddess I hope they get rid of some of their junk! I think that while five years ago, more stuff meant more successful in America; the economy has led to a lot of downsizing, and it is long overdue. I can definatley relate to your fork gremlin (LOL), I remeber after they leveled my childhood home, my mom and I went back to look and found about twenty-five of those old ladle type things. We both just laughed because I don’t think we even owned one! BTW, great idea using the tongs for many things, rather than have a lot of utensils!

      2. I absolutely agree with you on the more stuff — more successful — not so much now scenario. More and more I’m seeing the trend of use what you have, think of non-traditional ways to use what you’ve got — more inventive and creative ideas. I think this is great! Too funny on the ladles! See! I told you they existed. Yours were ladle addicts — mine are forks. AHAHAHAHAHA

  2. Dear Silver,
    Yes, I’m still alive! And slowly emerging from this clutter magnet we call our home. heehee! I’ve been working along diligently with the program. Some days are better than others, but I take breaks when I need to and treat myself to some fun stuff in between. I’ve been dipping bayberry candles for friends and finishing up different artistic projects.

    The morning ritual packs quite a punch, although it did take some time to manifest for me. I’ve always wanted to live in Montana, it was my favorite state to go through when I was driving truck. Hubby has a specialized job that has required us to kind of stay put this last decade. I’m an army brat, spent some time in the military myself, then drove truck cross country for a bit, so if I remain in one place for too long my energy gets kind of stagnant. Needless to stay, I’ve been jonesing for a change of scenery! His company has a lab out in Wyoming, and I’d have been thrilled to go out there if asked. (He hated it in the week he spent there helping them get the place set up, though.) Imagine my shock when he walked in the other morning and told me that his boss had asked how he felt about going out to manage their brand new lab in Montana. Nothing’s in stone just yet, but I guess it’s a very real possibility that it will happen. We could soon be moving to the state I love, and also take double the pay he gets now. Talk about “Good Fortune”! It won’t be without a few sacrifices, mainly a move of 2200 miles that will leave very close friends behind, but I’ll make things work and everything else has already fallen into place.

    Wanted to share my joy. =) As always, thank you for the support.

    ~ N

    1. Wow! How amazing is that? Two fellow-release-buddies getting super big employment opportunities! I am absolutely delighted at your success and will light a joy candle tonight to thank Spirit for your good fortune! This is just wonderful! Thank you too, for sharing some personal insights and experiences, as well as what you like to do. It was fun reading about the army brat to the driving truck, to the bayberry candles. I so appreciate your sharing that little bit of you! You are AWESOME!

      1. Thank you, Lady Silver. That’s very kind and thoughtful of you to light a candle for me. You are appreciated!

        ~ N

  3. Dear Silver,

    Yeay, after days of falling behind and trying to play catch up. I’m caught up! Had some lingering troubles over the expelling of items of an ex-friend but finally got it all sorted out. The last six items required spousal approval – which was achieved on the compromise that they leave AFTER the replacement item has been obtained. I’m ok with this because I KNOW they WILL be going!

    My body seems to be forcing me onto a daysleeper schedule, so it’s 7 something in the morning and I’m just now going to bed. But I should be up before business hours are over and will be able to rise to today’s challenge as well! A few calls to find a new meeting place for my writer’s group.

    Thanks for you’re courage and inspiration…you truly are an amazing woman!


    1. Congratulations, Juniper! You are so AWESOME! I totally understand on the daysleeper schedule, too. Been there. Done that. I used to laugh and say that I was awake in the week hours because it is the one time during the day when there wasn’t so much electronic stuff running in the atmosphere, and so the true peace of the night could filter into my life and inspire me. Okay, so humans are great at rationalizing. lol. You are AWESOME!

      1. LOL…oh I’ve many rationalizations…but my favorite:

        I was born at 5pm…to me that’s always when the day has started…it’s the rest of you that are off schedule 😛

        Since I can’t afford to move to a time zone that cooperates with when my body thinks is daytime…I’ve molded my life to accommodate as much as is reasonable, a daysleeper lifestyle.

      2. Well…just my mercury gone retro luck…lol..I looked up info for the places I needed to call…found out there were duplicates on the list – so it’s three rather than five…but also that they’re all closed on Fridays….guess I’ll be making those calls tomorrow! LOL

      3. Ain’t it just the way? Before you make those calls? Breathe deep. Clear your mind. Tap into Mercury’s silver energy OR try working with Mercury angels! The planet may be hiccuping — but the angels won’t be. Have a great day!

  4. Morning Silver,

    Ok so I never got to the silverware drawer yesterday but it did go down on to the “to do” list for this weekend. Last night we finished my nieces room! Well except for the head board which I need to upholster, but the wood and foam are ready and I’ll pick up the fabric tomorrow, but the rest is done. So last night we concentrated on clearing our bedroom, it look like a tornado had touched down in it, seeing as everything from the office/studio got shoved into there.

    I filled up a huge garbage bag full of stuff, it felt great! An believe there is still so much to chuck.

    I wanted to say I’ve been using the morning ritual a lot! When I’m stressed, or stuck in traffic I use it. Actually on Wednesday I had been stuck in traffic for about an hour and still had a ways to go, I used the chant and in about 15 minutes the traffic cleared and I got home in record time.

    So, seeing the success I was having with the chant yesterday I threw in a little something just to see how it would work.
    I read your HedgeWitch book this summer, so I added in “thank you for my permanent job or better” (I’ve been work as a temp for this company for the past 5 months and last I had heard there was little chance of me becoming permanent). I thought since it was Thursday, Jupiter’s influence might help. Well, yesterday at 3pm they offered me a permanent position. I couldn’t believe it! It had also been 5 months to the day that I’ve been with the company.

    All in all, this release challenge has done nothing but amazing things for us so far. Thank you so much Silver! You empower us so much through your books, facebook, blog and twitter. I wish there was something else I could do to thank you properly, besides a few words on here (and I’m sure there is, and spirit will show me when the time comes). In the meantime, all I can say is THANK YOU! Thank you for all of it.


    David James

    1. David!!!! That is so wonderful! First, the room for your niece! So great. Second, the job! Wow! Cool! Wonderful! Yes, those Braucherei chants work for all sorts of situations, and I’m so delighted that you shared your success with us! You were absolutely right that Jupiter’s influence might help! Happy Day! Happy Day! You are AWESOME!

  5. Morning Mrs. Silver and Company,

    Well the past couple of days have almost ground to a halt for me. I came down with a sinus infection and have very little energy to do anything right now. I did manage to do little bit of cleaning every day, but am just listing the big stuff and putting it aside till I am better. Health first. Have been expending the main amount of energy at my job, have to keep the bills paid and food coming in. The dry air in my area, a wood stove burning day and night now, plus all the dust and nasty I’ve been kicking up while cleaning I think did me in. I’ll still keep at it, do my best every day, but they might be mousey steps versus the elephant ones I was taking the other day. I feel bad that I can’t keep going and doing what I was before, a nice knock in the teeth and kick in the kidney is what it feels like. I’m off to give it another go.


    1. Health comes first! I’ve always believed that when we get sick it is because we are not paying attention to our inner selves — that our bodies are telling us to relax, re-group, re-think, and reconsider what we are doing, and how we are doing it. Stress, a number one immune system killer, gets us every time! Take a break. Relax. Mouse steps are fine!

  6. Ack! Tying up loose ends! Excellent task, given what’s been going on in my life this week. (Chaos, anyone?)

    I started off strong with the release challenge and then lost steam. Soon after, everything small and annoying in my life that could go wrong did, including coming down with my first bad cold in three years. (Read: a maze of red tape, phone going out then in then back out again!) Any advice, Silver?

    1. Sometimes, I think, when we make up our conscious minds that we want to change, our subconscious says — Whoa! Nellie! Not so fast there! I like my crap. It’s comforting. OR, it could be that your subconscious mind is AGREEING and trying to help you cleanse in the only way it knows how. Here, go snot. When its all out, you’ll feel better. Wait! Whaddya mean that’s not helping? As to the cold? We have a few different cold kickers here. When you first start feeling that whoozy, here-it-comes sensation — we add Grapefruit Seed Extract to a small amount of water (can find it at the health food store) — 3 doses a day. Or, my personal favorite that only the strong seem to be able to stomach — 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar — once at night, once in the morning. If you have bronchitis? That’ll do you up and you won’t be miserable for weeks. Apple Cider Vinegar works even for the regular nose running, congestion, birds in your throat thang. Concentrating on white light, too, is very helpful, especially when you are sick. Ray Malbrough taught me a wonderful visualization for when you have a cold. Visualize a bright white light between your eyes, then roll it down to your throat, then to your chest, out the back and up to the back of the neck (let it spin at each point) up to the top of your head, and back to the third-eye forehead area. Do the visualization as often as possible as many times as possible. It can really help.

  7. Hi silver day 17 is going well cleared about 800 emails gone zap. Hope you and ur family are staying warm. I tried to send some sun your way from az but the universe said it would take care of it. I also wanted to let u know that i did a healing for a friend with some gems that were a dollar a bag i cleansed n consecrating them. I blessed them. I had my friend say the 4 agreements n then had her open up her chakras n she feels a lot better i just want to remind everyone that its not the cost of the gems that matters its the magick in ur mind that matters if u beleive then it works. I learned that from you.Which by the way is so awesome. Well i could stay here n post this forever but that would turn into a book. Oh yeah n i cleaned my silverware drawers n i didnt know i had so many straws in there ugh i had to throw like 500 straws away its amazing what we consume over the months. Hope all is well with u guys. Stay warm n blessed be

    1. The straws…too funny! My silverware drawer (fingers crossed) has actually managed to stay in order since the other day. Thank you, also for reminding us it isn’t the cost or expense — it is the intent. I’m so glad that your friend feels better! Do keep us posted on how you are making out. I’m very proud of you! You are AWESOME!

  8. Did todays challenge, i kind of giggled to myself when i seen it posted last night. My intuitions been giving me hints a day or two prior to what we are doing so im usually planned and ready for it 😉 Also i caught up on the other few days i was behind on. Im still working on the room rearranging which i always do at least once a year, its a big work in progress. My sacred room has many statues, crystals and beautiful things that i find it a huge and rewarding challenge to find new spots for everything, even when i throw things away lol. Its coming together slowly, im hoping to work on it some more this weekend, and have my fingers crossed i have it done for yule. Also hoping this weekends work isnt huge as tomorrow is my friends, fathers viewing, then Sunday i have 2 yule ritual to attend, which im looking forward too =)

    Many thanks and Blessings! I am so glad you are providing us with this release work Silver! its bringing much needed change and freshness into my life.

    Love and light

    1. You go Sypress! Tomorrow’s challenge isn’t too bad, and you’ll find Sunday’s totally different. Thank you for telling us about your ritual room. We’d love to see pics! Have a bright and beautiful weekend! You are AWESOME!

  9. Baked and decorated holiday cookies with my tarot circle/magickal group, so didn’t accomplish much else. Was helping a friend start the overwhelming process of moving to a new apartment the last two days. Even though I didn’t get much done with my own challenge, we sorted through her clothes and got a large trash bag full to donate to thrift store. Still ticking away a bit at a time. Still doing Braucherie prayer, received two small, but totally unexpected checks in the mail! And I’ve been relatively active and involved in life since this challenge started, and that alone is worth a lot regardless of how much I actually get done on the challenge. Thanks!

    1. Jo! Spending time helping others and enjoying their company is very much a part of the release challenge! You, in my opinion, got a whole lot done! You are awesome!!!

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