Day 16 of the Great Release Challenge!

Only ONE of each?

Day 16 of the Great Release Challenge!
30 Days to an Awesome New You!

by Silver RavenWolf

Your Mission Today:  The silverware drawers, even if you only use plastic.  Yes, you knew I was coming to this one, didn’t you?  Yep, let’s toss out the bent forks, the yellowed and plastic cracking infant feeder spoon that hasn’t been used in … oh… two years?  Be sure to clean out the drawers (I know you will) and put things back where you can find them, especially if you plan to do a lot of cooking over the holidays.  That’s Part I. of today.

The holidays.  Yeah.  Them.  Those.  Argh.  Which are fast approaching and I know you’re feeling the stress already.  Crazy drivers, uncooperative weather, checks late in the mail, silly family dramas, job cutbacks, or perhaps too many parties, too many engagements, too many functions that are pushing you, pulling you, and making you feel tired and drawn… shudder.   If you aren’t enjoying them, why the heck are you doing them?  Part II is to help you with some of that.  Promise yourself that for the next week you will get enough sleep and exercise.  No kidding.  Both are extremely important around this time of year (of course they are important any other time) but, right now, remember to take care of yourself.  That’s Part II — I repeat — Take care of yourself.  Please.  Which would include sitting down and looking at your planned schedule from now through the first of the year.  Is it possible to unclutter your schedule just a little bit?  Or, perhaps, group errands together by territory.  I realize you’ve probably already gone over your shopping list for the holidays (a thousand and one times)but, why not look at it from a de-cluttering standpoint?  Did you remember to include an event or function that’s centered on the true joy of it?  How can you combine or even drop some tasks?  Is there anything that can wait until after the New Year?  If not, okie-dokie; but, at least you have provided yourself the opportunity to slow down, evaluate, and choose — something we don’t always do through the hustle and bustle of the holidays.

My Release Diary:  Shopping today.  And of course, I held up the line in the toy store.  I finally turned to the sour-faced shoppers, sang Jingle Bells in my head, and said loudly and nicely:  “I’m so sorry I’m holding up the line.  Granddaughter shopping.”  Bling!!!  Smiles everywhere.  Comments about who was buying what for whom.  Funny what bells and grandchildren combined will do for ya.  Of course, attempting to maneuver the giant, stuffed monkey while trying to pay the bill didn’t hurt either.

Oh, and I bought a toy for myself.  That Disney Mater truck dude?  Yeah, him.  He spins tales to his buddy, and then says, “You know!  You were there!”  Cracks me up every time.  So, I bought a little one for my desk.  My reward for cleaning out the junk drawers.  My second favorite?  Actually, really my first favorite — Shaun the Sheep.  Hey, cut me a break — I have a grandkid.  I’m allowed to watch cartoons.  Really.


23 thoughts on “Day 16 of the Great Release Challenge!”

    1. Due to bad weather another client cancelled but i used the time to catch up on things. Im not totally caught up but i don’t feel so far behind. I really enjoyed the rituals! And tonight im going out to get some fun exercise with friends. Have a great night Silver. I look forward to tomorrow.


      1. Yup, Mercury Retrograde is all about catch-up — so you are going right with the universal flow! I hope you have a wonderful time with your friends. See ya tomorrow!

  1. Definitely needed to do this one. 🙂 Pulled out all the duplicates, junked the nasty ones. Ones that were still good tho, we are dropping off at the women’s/homeless shelter tomorrow. They always need nice stuff for people trying to get set up in their new apts. And we get a nice warm fuzzy feeling knowing we helped someone in their new lease on life. 🙂

    1. What an excellent idea, Lise! What’s good — donate! I’m very proud of you and grateful that you reminded us how important donations can be! Keep us posted!!! You are AWESOME!

  2. Was just thinking about sorting out the knives and forks when I logged on! And i was also just thinking that I am starting to feel the strain of the holiday season and on top of it with all the decluttering and cleaning I am trying to do, I feel totally exhausted.
    I look around and wonder why and how did I let things get this bad. I am a self employed dance instructor and I think that with the current tough economic situation I just worked so hard that everything else took second, third and fourth place Its time to pull back and think of me. I also was not really having all that much more success, despite the extra work and effort.
    I love art and and soon as I have the back room finished I wll go back to doing some drawing and painting. I have put it off for ages as all I ever hear is” Oh yes its great fun, but theres no money in it!” By people, I mean friends, accquaintances and some family members.
    I do the ritual every morning and I have been having some good luck. FOund a place with 20 % discount on great art supplies, my husband and I got five hundred dollars Christmas present from his family so alot of worries about the bills for this month are sorted. Also great special offers in the shops on things we need. I did’nt get the release altar started yet so my have to wait until tomorrow or Saturday to do that.
    I think I need to rest a bit first. Still have bags of rubbish everywhere but have thrown some of them out and feel much better. Thank you Silver for starting this program. I am so lucky that I found it. Its just what I needed to get me out of the rut I have slipped into.

    1. You go Valerie! You are doing great! If you need to rest…rest! I, too, do that whip through and fill bags deal, and then, if it is an off room in the house — the bags just set there. After reading your post I vowed to myself that tomorrow I am going to hike my carcass up those stairs and bring down those darned bags, and get them the heck out the door. I think that trash bags have secret energy roots, that dive down through the plastic and run along the floorboards, curling and slithering, holding onto walls if they can, so you don’t drag them out into the cold. Well! Enough of that!

      As to your art. I’ve often thought the same thing, and heard the same thing. Indeed, art has always been my first love. I never thought I’d be a writer. Really. Art has gotten me through some of the worst times in my life. With art, I could slide into that creative part of the brain and just…flow. Go back to your love. It will work out for you — I promise. Let your fingers do some dancing this time around. You are AWESOME!

  3. hey,silver lol,im always a day ahead, *like u said my subconsciously we/i always knows what to do next* i did the silverwear drawyer yesterday. My only problem is how do i help my husband let go, he has a difficult time with this and change. I cleaned out one of his junk drawyers he had about ten motorola phone chargers for every cell phone he has ever owned , and wasent verry happy about me getting rid of them,even though we havent had a motorolla in over two years. He said what if we get another, i said they obviously come with there own chargers and not two inputs were the same, apparently it didnt regester, he thinks he needs this stuff*sigh* and the box full of gulf tees,etc,etc. Eeeeeekkkkkk help!!lol!!!!

    1. There are lots of reasons why people hold onto stuff. There are light, airy reasons, and buried, deep reasons. Work one day at a time, concentrate on as much that is in your control as you can during the Mercury retrograde. Sometimes, it takes awhile for those around you to catch the “fever”. Usually it occurs when something amazingly wonderful happens to you, and then your family goes — wow! when you say — Its all because I’ve been working on letting go of the old and bringing in the new — like I told ya! (stick-out-tongue). In fact, that’s exactly what eventually happened here. I’m not saying everything has always been perfect, because you darned well know it hasn’t. Yet, during one of my personal release challenge cycles (I’ve had more than one) I received a check for $24,000. I had no clue it was coming. I’d just finished tossing out the umpteenth bag of crap, and in my mailbox, no kidding, perched this check. Made a believer out of my youngest son, let me tell you, which is why he’s helping me by posing for some of the release challenge photos. He knows it works. My husband? Mr. Double Leo Taurus Moon? He tries, really he does. But, he’s the type of person that if he can’t see it — then it must be lost. So now you know that the first place he puts anything, anything, (newspaper, pens, clothes) is where he can see them. We’re workin’ on that. Love ya! You are AWESOME!

  4. I so enjoy reading your post every morning before I sign into my computer for work. I work as a corporate travel agent from home, so with all this weather I feel lucky to be able to work in my warm cozy home. I am a bit behind on your daily clean outs with work and my grandmother in the nursing home, and trying to help my mom with her ebay store shipping….I have gotten behind but no worries I am ok with that, not getting stressed. Just wanted to tell you thank you so much you are a blessing !

    1. Greetings, Melanie! This coming week is the perfect Mercury Retrograde period for catching up. Take your time. Steady goes the ship. You’ll be motoring along in no time. Juggling responsibilities with daily tasks, and trying to change and re-order? Can get overwhelming. One step at a time. I’m so proud of you! You are AWESOME!

  5. Yikes, the silverware drawer has been on my list for a while. We even bough new silverware about a month ago, it just never made its way into the drawer. Neither did the fine silverware we used for thanksgiving (back in October) make its was back into it’s chest… The junk drawer will also be carried over to today, yesterday was spent mounting furniture for my niece’s room. Is it just me or has mounting furniture become more and more complex? Anyways, we have a few junk drawers upstairs where all the computer cables and remnants seem to have gathered, and multiplied. As well as a junk cupboard in the kitchen, it seems to be where take out menus, old receipts, samples received in the mail, old keys, burnt light bulbs and flyers go to die lol. Of course all that piled high on that dish set we never use, except when we give people food to take home or bring food to other people house, because lets face it, if one of those plates doesn’t make it bake home it wouldn’t be the end of the world. Except they always do!
    Anyways, enough of my rambling. Have a wonderful day Silver!

    Oh, by the way, I loved using the bell, amazing how such a simple thing can have such a big impact. The Burn Bowl was also a great alternative! Otherwise I’m going to end up with more altars than I have floor space.


    Thanks for another great post.

    David James

    1. Sounds to me like you are well on your way to a total environment make-over! Whooo-Hoooo! I have this theory about trash, which is usually followed about my theory on trees. Some day I’ll regale you with it. lol Love ya!

  6. ahh.. the silverware drawer! you know.. I actually found some silverware from my ‘previous relationship’ ugg.. negativity to remove! so.. out with the old!
    I love Shaun the sheep! Wallace and Gromit are a favorite of mine, my son, and my granddaughter! Maybe I shall chill out with one of their shows this weekend!
    Thanks! I love this challenge!

  7. Dearest Silver,
    Like many others who have posted, all I can say is thank you. There is movement in my life. I have been doing something small everyday. My first thing was cob webs. I used your idea and created my own spell with it. I not only swept them from the ceiling, but out the door and front sidewalk. Wiped out, I did the begone chant with you on ipod* (could not get it out of my head). The next morning I felt like I could breathe (an air, earth, fire sign) and the vision I got was water, like the ocean, had been frozen over for a long time. It was like an ice cutting ship had started to break up the ice in the middle. I saw small chunks of ice with blue water around them. Movement has started. While writting this, I feel like weeping as I do not know how I ever got to this place. I did heed your words and am doing a little every day. Today I walked 3 miles, bought a 12 inch living tree for my altar, cleaned the top of a end table ( and swept under it) to create my sacred space, am working a psychic line and am still cleaning. I know this is not much, but the frozen ocean had become my life. Hugs to you dear one. I look forward to your teachings, and love your writting. Blessings to you

    1. Didn’t get much done? Sounds to me like you got a whole dumpster load done! I love the visualization of the ice, the water, and the promise of freedom! I can’t thank you enough for sharing your lovely words with us. We are all in this together! Full Speed Ahead!!!!! You are AWESOME!

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