Day Fourteen of the Great Release Challenge!

Ring that Bell for Change!

Day 14 of the Great Release Challenge!
30 Days to an Awesome New You!

by Silver RavenWolf

Note:  I’m posting early as the weather here has turned sour.  When the weather goes, the internet connection is sure to follow.  I want to be sure you get your post for Tuesday, so here it is!

Your Mission Today:  Change.  Today, we will (as much as possible) totally rearrange one room in the house (or at work, rearrange your desk and office space if you can).  This goes for the guys, too, who have a shop or garage that is their kingdom.  Your kingdom needs a little energizing!

In the rearranging process, keep our motto in mind:  Toss, sell, or give-away keeps the nasty thoughts away!

Okay, so it wasn’t the best rhyme in the world.  Bear with me.  Some of you are saying — But, I like everything just the way it is.  Do-ya-now!  Life is perfect, is it?  Things are grand?  Couldn’t be happier?


I reiterate (with a smile) — Rearrange something, even if it is just the pictures of the family on the buffet.

And…every time you move a piece of furniture, or something sizeable (of importance) to you — ring a bell.  I’m not kidding.  Bells, singing bowls, tuning forks, all help to clear out negativity and raise our spiritual vibrations.

Yes, something just as simple, as easy…

as ringing a bell.

Today?  We are exorcising those personal demons!  You go!

My Release Diary:  A very interesting day.  No heat.  I could not believe it.  It took several phone calls, three service calls, and a true mind over matter scenario to get heat back in this house.  Of course, true to Mercury Retrograde, this would occur when it was only 15 degrees outside.  Naturally.  When we finally got heat I sat down at my dining room table and I prayed for all the people in the world who are cold and do not have heat.  I spent the day in misery.  I certainly wouldn’t want to spend my night that way.

I know I’ve written about this before; but, assuming you’ve read everything I’ve ever written is a bit snotty, so…if you have seen this before, maybe there is a reason for you to remember it.  If not, maybe you’re gonna need it, so here it is.

I have a knack for starting things that won’t start.  Like cars, furnaces (ahem, today), boats, tools (anything with a motor) as long as it isn’t totally seized.  I learned how to do it a long time ago, and the technique has served myself and others well ever since.  I started with stalled cars and sort of progressed.  I can only do it if it needs to be done — a stranded motorist, again — my furnace — that sort of scenario.  On occasion I have been able to use the technique for locks; but, for some reason, they seem trickier for me.  So, here it is.  Practice, and you will be able to do it, too.

First.  You must believe.  If you do not believe you can do this, it won’t work.  This is not tongue in cheek bull — you must really believe you can and will be able to start whatever it is.

Second.  You must clear your mind.  Empty.  Blank.

Third.  Think about how the object sounds if it is working perfectly.  It is important here that you KNOW the sound.  That you’ve heard it a million times, and so therefore your recall is simple — no effort.

Fourth.  Mimic that sound in your mind while you push up from the center of yourself and out through your hands (and you will get so good at it you won’t need your hands) — but, use them for now.  You must mimic the sound in your mind at least three times while pushing that energy.  Don’t expect it to work the first few times.  Three is the charm — and sometimes, if you’ve allowed doubt to creep in, it will take more.  Just keep concentrating.  If the person trying to get the thing started gives up, and you are close enough to urge them to try again, do so.  If not, there’s nothing you can do.

Fifth.  Whatever you do — do not tell.  Do not walk up and brag that you can start the car, because you’ve been practicing and have had some success.  Keep your mouth shut.  Why?  Because if you open your trap, someone in the group will disbelieve, and it won’t work.  So, silence on this ability is golden.  When the thing starts, just smile, and walk away.  You did your job.  You’ll get Karma Bank Brownie Points.

I’d like to thank all of you for your stories, your words of wisdom, and your experiences as we go through this program.  I am so excited that you are willing to share!  I adore each and every one of you.

In my book — you’re AWESOME!



17 thoughts on “Day Fourteen of the Great Release Challenge!”

  1. Hi Silver,
    I wanted to thank you for your generosity. All artists have to be generous, be willing to become vulnerable to their audience, but you give so much of yourself in your writing. And in the craft.

    We should all pray for all those who for whatever reason find themselves exposed to the cold.

    I’m so glad you were able to get heat going again. It really is sheer misery to be cold all day–the chill just gets real deep inside and wants to stay. I’m a child of the tropics and have lived in some pretty cold places, though happily am in a milder winter zone now. Still, my body isn’t made for the low temperatures and can hold on to the cold.

    I find that what yogis call Ujjayi breath can generate heat especially up and down the spine, and helps to heat up my core even when I’m shivering down to my bones. So I sound like Darth Vader, but at least for a while I feel warm.

    Hopefully you won’t have need to try it because you’re all snug and cozy in a toasty warm home.


    1. Thank you TG! That is so interesting! How does Ujjayi breath work? Would you mind telling us? If not, that’s okay, too. Yes, we are warm today — but, you are right, it took several hours not to think cold again — lol! Just goes to show how much your environment can affect your thoughts!!!

      1. Hi Silver,
        I have a feeling you already use some kind of panayama breathing when you’re working pow-wow, although it may not be Ujjayi. Like just about every mystical or esoteric meditative or energy building practice, yoga manipulates breath. The thing about yoga is that it also codifies the physical effects of breath manipulation so you can be pretty specific about the effects it can have on the body. The Ujjayi breath warms the core and also has a real calming/focusing property. You may have heard of it referred to as Ocean breath or Victorious breath.

        Anyways, you direct the breath from the abdomen, which forces you to inhale deeply and exhale fully. I’ve heard your podcasts and notice you always begin Pow-wow practice with several full deep breaths, so right there you have half the technique down!

        To begin Ujjayi, inhale through the nose, fill the belly with breath, and exhale through the mouth making a soft haaaa sound, like you’re fogging up a glass window or your glasses. To make that soft “h” you had to slightly close the throat, slowing down the breath. Do that several times so you can remember how the throat feels. Then try it with your mouth closed on the exhale.

        Step two is to make the hissing sound in the back of the throat when you inhale as well. It may sound a little like you’re falling asleep and about to start snoring, or as yoga teachers prefer, sound like the ocean waves.

        A minute or two of this type of breath work is enough to get my spine all toasty, regardless of whether I’m sitting, standing, or moving about doing everyday stuff. Of course, if that doesn’t generate enough warmth for your shivering bones, there’s always the bathtub.

        Come to think of it, didn’t I get a little chilly walking home from work? I think I’ll try my Ujjayi while drawing up a scalding hot bath. Yeah, a little salt in there and I can banish the negativity I picked from students who didn’t like how I averaged their grades. ; ) TG

      2. This is absolutely marvelous! Thank you so much for sharing. I love learning new techniques. You are so wonderful for taking the time to explain it. You are AWESOME!

  2. Thank you Silver! It is 4:30 am and I have read every single challenge. I have even wrote them down! I got on facebook and your blog was on the Llewellyn site. By the Goddess, this is what I have needed for so long. We live in a 30 foot Rv that is literally falling apart. We were 1 day from being homeless, when this trailer became available for $500. It took everything we had to get it, literally. Ramen noodles anyone? Anyway, being in here, I have slowly but surely became so depressed and unfun, unlovable, uneverything, that my son has went to stay with my parents for 2 weeks before yule! Our time of the year together! With him gone, my husband working 16 hour days, 7 days a week, I have had a lot of time with ME! I don’t like ME, right now! So when I got on my addiction website and saw your blog, I started reading and got my sign. Homeschooling my son, we have junk everywhere, literally! I have stuff piled all over the place. I had to start keeping the floor cleaned because we have a new puppy and potty training isn’t going so well! I am going to fix my husband breakfast before he goes to work, do a little ritual and start from day 1, I will probably mix a few days together. I want to thank you for sharing your experiences both in the blog and in your books. I have them all! They helped me so much in putting my rituals together and getting organized in my workings, things really happened for me.
    I want to tell you something that has your hand all over it. I was 20 when I found your book, TO STIR A MAGICK CAULDRON. I was in the Army, the love of my life had just died, I was drunk all the time, and married to a guy I didn’t know or love. I felt so empty. We tried to get pregnant and it was a disaster. The dr.s told me I would never get pregnant because my insides just weren’t right. So I threw myself into my magick. Every chance I got, instead of drinking (I got sober to get pregnant), I worked circles, small spells, and rituals on the beach. (Did I mention I was in Hawaii at the time? It is the most magickal place I have ever been.) On the Summer Solstice of 2000, I did a personal happiness, healing and self-love spell on myself. August 1st, I filed for a divorce and moved in with my best friend, Brian. I also started my re-enlistment paperwork to stay in the Army. August 21st, I got pregnant with my son. September 23rd, turned down my re-enlistment because I had just found out I was gonna be a mommy! January 6th, married my best friend. May 24th had a beautiful bouncy baby boy, who I named after my pawpaw and daddy. Your books literally turned my life around, upside down, and inside out! When I am feeling down, you always seem to be there, in a new book, in an old book, or a blog!! Thank you so much for all that you have done and helped me with in my life! Like now, I didn’t really realize I needed you, until I started reading the 30 day challenge!! Thank you, you are so awesome! I will be awesome by tonight! He he he. I already feel better! Have a wonderful day!!

    1. I made David cry, and you’re making me cry — Karma. lol. Oh, how I know in my heart where you are right now. Hang in there. Your post reminds us that environment plus emotions can have more power over our lives than we ever thought possible. The emotions, linked to what we see around us can put our lives right in the toilet; yet, we think that it is the fault of circumstances and that we have no power. That’s simply NOT true. No one can destroy your creativity except yourself. And, it is your creativity that ultimately makes your world. You may like tomorrow’s post. I have several simple Braucherie Techniques for Day 15 to help boost your mind and energize your creativity! Keep us posted. I know you are going to rise from this and be that fun, happy, you — that I know you can be. You’re already starting to sparkle! See!

  3. I’m commonly considered an odd-ball since I quite enjoy change. It’s a family trait to move every room around in the house at least once a month lol. But even if the move is bad and you don’t like it, it’s not a bad thing. At least you’ve tried it and know it’s not the better option, so that next time you know not to put the leg lamp in the front window :0) My move for today (which was pre-planned and funny that it’s on This project day) is to put down new flooring in the living room and put up new wallboard. The kitchen is already starting to look like an attic. So lets perk the coffee/tea, and let the games begin! Have a fun filled day and try to stay warm…Blessed Be..

      1. Well, 9 hours later, we now have a delicious looking fake wood floor. Very pleased with how it came out. And during the process, got to go through even more junk hiding in the nooks and crannys. And now, time for ice cream and to pass out 🙂 P.S. It’s about 16 degrees right now and snowing in MA lol

      2. I was talking about you to my son today (he’s still plowing through my room, lol). He said he wishes you luck and he’s sure that your floor will be beautiful! I agree with him. Thanks for keeping both of us posted, we were wondering how you were doing. Of course, you are AWESOME!

  4. The weather is nasty up here in northern Canada too. Snowing and blowing I’m surprised I still have power. Whoever called the snow Gods could you please call them off now. {{ just kidding }} I cleaned out my china cabinet today. I had to keep a painted rock because my 36 year old son painted it for me on Mother’s Day years ago. lol But I did toss a couple of chipped glasses out even if they are from a matching set I can’t use them just look at them. Why did I still have Barbie table covers and napkins and plates? My baby is 22 must be left over from a very old BD party. So off to the Sally Anne with those. Boy the stuff one keeps. Great post Silver good ideas coming our way.

  5. Good afternoon Silver, an update, my friends father passed on at 12:44 am last night. And ive known him since i was a kid too so its hitting me a bit today. Thank you for your prayers. Ive been fighting a wicked migraine since i woke up and i seem to be having a lot of trouble getting motivated today. I did the braucherie ritual and asked for some motivation but it hasn’t kicked in yet lol. I know what i want to do, i just have no energy in which to do it. I did some prayers and a small candle ceremony on behalf of my friend for her fathers passing this morning. I am hoping i will get todays challenge done but with the way i am feeling now i am unsure. Any suggestions to lift my energy are appreciated. Many blessings to all. I wish you a wonderful day. I look forward to tomorrows ritual.

    Love and light

    1. If you can, go outside and let it go. Crying is a good thing. Sadness has its place. Send light to his passing and let him go. Breathe deeply several times. The motivation will come when it is meant to.

      1. Thanks Silver, i cried and paced around the house, im feeling a bit numb now and didn’t manage to get much of anything done today but i think that i just needed to take it easy. My friend is having the funeral on Solstice next week. Tomorrow will be a better day! Heres to hoping the roads are good, we’ve been hit with a huge snow storm.

        Many blessings

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