Day 13 of the Great Release Challenge!

You've Got 60 Seconds to Make a Change! Are you Game?

Day Thirteen of the Great Release Program
30 Days to an Awesome New You!

by Silver RavenWolf

Your Mission Today!  Today is Sixty Second Clean Sweep Day.  What can you clean, remove, take care of in sixty seconds or less?  Have fun with this one.  Time yourself.  Do it more than once if you like!  Get the family involved.  Offer kids (or your partner, lol) rewards!

Changing things in small bits can lead to bigger, long lasting harmonious energies.  Today, we’re teaching ourselves that small is big, that little is important, and that tiny can really make a difference!

On your mark, get set….go!  You can do it!

We are closing in on the midpoint of our Great Release Challenge!!!  How are you feeling?  Is it working for you?  Are you getting great ideas?  Write them down so you don’t forget them.  On Day 15, smack in the middle of our efforts, we are going to build a small release altar out of something already in your environment.  What you choose is up to you.  For your altar you will need one glass for water, one bowl for a mixture of salt and herbs, one white candle, and one black envelope (you can make it out of construction paper).  To the salt we will add dried rosemary, dried lavender and dried chamomile if you have it.  If you don’t — no biggie — just the salt will do.  On Day 15 we are going to do a mini release ritual to help us let go of those little, nagging things that have been bothering you lately.

Today, while you are doing your dash around the house or work area, take note of what you might like to use for that mini release altar, and where you might like to place it.  Traditionally, you might choose West as this is the seat of emotions and closure; but, if some other place feels more comfortable to you, choose that instead.  Remember, in the end, your higher self knows best what is right for you.  Learn to rely on those feelings.

My Release Diary:  Oh argh in a hand basket!  The kitchen cupboards took me over four hours to do.  I thought, since I did them in the spring, that it wouldn’t be that big of a deal.  Wrong.  I found two cans with expiration dates of 2008.  How the heck they slipped by me last December and then again in the spring is beyond my faculty of understanding.  Out they went, along with two huge garbage bags of old pots and pans, a mismatched glassware set and more.  My husband and son stayed well out of my way and only asked me if I was okay when I knocked over the dogs’ water bowl, which dumped into the dogs’ food bowl, which skittered across the kitchen floor with a tremendous clatter.  In the end, however, with everything back to right again, I was glad I’d spent the time, although I’m still mystified how I managed to procure ten boxes of yellow cake mix (my spouse’s favorite).  I think a husband elf may have been trying to give me a hint, to which, it appears, I was oblivious.  Shopping at the grocery store later in the evening I knew exactly what I did and didn’t have in the cupboard.  We were done with that chore in less than an hour.  (My husband was nice enough to go with me since the roads were slick.)  Although putting away the groceries is not my favorite thing to do, it went a lot faster as I didn’t have to jam things this way and that just to make them fit.  I am now prepared for the upcoming holiday cooking.

In the meantime, I guess I’ll break down and make one of those cakes.

Please keep your comments and observations coming.  I read every one and am amazed at how well we are all progressing!  What is very cool, too, is that we span from Ireland, to Australia, to little Pennsylvania!  How remarkable!  It certainly is a very small world when we work together!



9 thoughts on “Day 13 of the Great Release Challenge!”

  1. Ok I’m going to give a little personal background here so that my input as to what I’m accomplishing in this Great Release Challenge is understood a bit better. It’d be too hard for me to share how well I am doing without getting a little personal on the whats and whys of it all like you Mrs. Silver, which I do appreciate the sharing.

    Back in ’08 I was in college but as the economy crashed, so too did my funding to continue my education. It left me with nothing but feelings of hopelessness, a good bit of depression, an almost finished Bachelor’s Degree hanging over my head, a big chunk of debt on my back that I had no way of paying at the time, and dumped by an ex-fiancee that wanted me to give up everything I had worked for to be his house slave.

    I was in the big black pit and just couldn’t see a way out. In that deep pit you stop doing everything which for me was making art (my biggest passion and reason for living).

    When everything was said and done I ended up moving back home with my Dad, a man born with a degenerative blindness that is finally getting bad enough he needs someone to help out with the little things. In a few more years he’s going to need more care, so me being here is definitely a mutual benefit for both of us. I found work not too long after I moved back and have been working to get that college debt off me. My Dad refuses to accept any form of rent payment, he keeps telling me to pay off college, so I do. I get to bring home the groceries, at least, and I try to keep the house up for him in exchange.

    Dad’s house was in pretty sad shape when I first moved back. Leftovers from a sister that lived here several years ago, flotsum from some of my Dad’s previous relationships, many things that just needed repair that he probably didn’t even see, ect. was cluttering 4 of 5 bedrooms in the house. I rolled up my sleeves and got to work. Anything that wasn’t Dad’s and he didn’t want to save we threw out, sold or gave away. I didn’t get it all done by any stretch but a good part was definitely accomplished. It took me alone almost a full year to get most of it cleaned out. It was bad. I did save my sister’s stuff in the back of a closet since she was just getting settled into a new home and said she’d come to get the last of it later. A couple of months ago I finally got her to get the last of it out. Hence why I have a closet finally. I had all my stuff in boxes still up until the other day in fact, which I’m trying to conquer as part of my release challenge, a year and half of living in boxes is enough. I deserve a clean bedroom and a comfortable space to live in with my Dad. I will not block the flow of energy anymore. Screw that.

    Two of my siblings, who live locally, are NOT happy about me being here. We have never gotten along, only time we did was when I was a full state away at college. Since moving in with Dad they have tried repeatedly to drive me off through bullying, trying to throw my personal property in the garbage, verbal & physical abuse of my person and threats of trying to get me committed to a mental institution or going so far as to take steps to have me arrested by the local sheriff for trespassing, to no avail so far. I just want to help our Dad and try to get myself back up on my feet (and the economy being the way it is, I’m just not going to be able to do that for some time yet). I refuse to give in to their selfish and heartless tactics. I just can’t afford to live on my own and my Dad needs a care giver. So here I am.

    Now I come to the point of all this coughed-up hairball of drama. All that negativity has been building up inside me hence reflected in my physical environment. I have a hard time not internalizing anything that happens to me especially negative things. My sisters have never had any respect for my person or my personal things, always stole or broke many of my things, so a side effect of experiencing this most of my life I ended up being something of a hoarder just so I felt like I had anything that was mine. But I’m starting to change this behavior. Small steps, but change can be done a little at a time. It took time to build this bad behavior, so it’ll take time to change it.

    My hoarding of things is no-where NEAR what they show on those TV shows, but it can still get out of hand if you don’t watch it. Well as I started cleaning my personal things out now and throwing/selling/donating things I found myself lighter. I felt like “I Can” and “Done” have come back into my lexicon. I’ve started creating my art again, writing again, reading again, practicing my beliefs again, and all around being HAPPY again. I’ve gotten rid of a LOT of things I just didn’t need. That ex’s stuff that ended up in my box, the shirt he had bought me that made me look like a hooker, a lot of old trash & papers that I just don’t need anymore. GONE. Done.

    I’m not perfect and happy to be imperfect, in fact. I still have much to do here. I will keep at it. My sisters blame me for the mess the house was in, but it was there before me. I’m not going to take responsibility for how it got to the nasty point it was, but I will do something about it now. Some days are harder to get things done around the house, I’m just too tired from work to get much done. But I will do it even if its just a little. I am also learning how to not internalize that negativity of my siblings that’s being thrown at me. It is not mine, its theirs and they can keep it. I love them but refuse to put up with their bull anymore. I’m here to help my Dad and myself too. There’s no shame in that. It sucks that I couldn’t finish college when I was there, but I can later. I’m just rolling with the punches. I have so many friends and fellow college classmates that have had to move back home as well, without finishing college either that I know I’m not alone in this type of situation.

    As one of my favorite people Bruce Lee said “Be Like Water” and I will. I can take any form I chose. I can flow gently like a small stream or roar mightily like a Tsunami. I am a good strong person and I can do anything. I choose to be myself, not a facsimile of a person that others think are the approved form. I am unique and wonderful, if someone can’t accept that tough cookie. I will not back down. No more nice Melony.

    I can, I will, DONE!

    1. You go girl!!!!!!! That was an excellent story and you are so right — you don’t own your siblings’ problems, their emotions, their behavior. Let them keep it. You are going to rise like high tide and embrace yourself, your art, and your talents!!! Yeah!

  2. Hey Silver,
    Just started this blog with you, and i’m currently reading one of your books. “Teen Witch”. Yes i’m a young teen witch beginning the art of craft. My mom and grandma and great grandmother all follow the Wiccan religion, and I absolutely adore it. Can’t wait to start doing my own work, and following your blog to help me become a witch myself, and feel great about my lifestyle!

    1. Greetings Chyanne! Thank you for posting! I wouldn’t give the Craft up for the world. It has become so much a part of me that to let go of it now, would be to let go of the very core of my being. I hope that you find the same joy in the practice as I have.

  3. Hi silver i did the 60 second release challenge at the office i cleaned up n i emptied all of that trash around me it felt good it was awesome. I did a ritual of Course i had to do it in the bathroom lol my boss would wonder what i was doing if he saw me n i stay with the golden rule be silent sorry about ur furnace if i had known i would have helped because i did that practice about making things start and it works believe believe n presto. I hope you n ur family r warm n sleeping well. The east coast is cold so i will send u some sun from arizona to keep u guys warm lol blessed be n thanks for all of your wonderful advice.

    1. No wonder today turned out sunny! lol. Yes, we are all warm and good, thank you! I used to do that, too, when I worked in an office. I would go in the bathroom and do the magick! Hey — there’s running water there — good for the flow — lol! Thanks for reminding us that no matter where we are? If we are determined to work the magick we will find a way…and a place! You are awesome!

  4. Hello Silver. Ive had quite a day. Im thankful it was a 60 second clean up day. I managed to do a quick polish of a book shelf and cleaned the bathroom. I tried to rearrange my sacred room a little but just couldn’t get into the right head space (seeing tomorrows post makes sense now lol). Sadly my one client cancelled on me but in a way the Angels were helping on different levels. The same time i would of been going into session with my client, my childhood friend called me and asked me to take her to the hospital, as her father was in the emerge on life support. I drove her and stayed with her for a long time, they took him off life support and its only a matter of time now. It was disheartening to see her going lose another parent. Im glad i could be there for her. Im sending her and her family love and prayers. I am sort of “on call” for her right now and am hoping to continue with the program. I am loving all this releasing and am looking forward to wednesday. Thank you for sharing so much fun and wisdom with us. You are an inspiration.

    Goddess Blessings

    1. Thank you for reminding us that there is no such thing as coincidence. Spirit arranged that you would be at the right place at the right time to make a choice that was important to both you and your friend. Your energies were needed elsewhere, and you rose to the challenge. Many blessings and we will pray for your friend and her father. You are so totally awesome!

  5. 60-second clean sweeps are part of my regular routine… I’d be buried in debris if I didn’t do them daily!

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