Day Eleven of the Great Release Challenge!

Happy Birthday Jamie!

Day Eleven of the Great Release Challenge!
30 Days to an Awesome!!! New You!

by Silver RavenWolf

Your Mission For Today:  Eleven is another master number — this is the mastery of self.  Over the past eleven days you’ve ascertained your strengths, your weaknesses, and analyzed both your environment, and for some…your family unit and how they have, or have not cooperated in your efforts.  From this analysis you can make decisions on how you wish to proceed.

Your mission for today involves rewarding yourself.  You’ve spent ten days clearing out, cleaning up, and making a real concerted effort to change your environment.  Now that we have begun to allow positive energy to naturally flow through our lives, it is time to boost your self-esteem and do something nice just for you!

If you have time on your hands today, and would like to continue the process of cleaning and clearing, then today is a walk-through of what you have already done and an analysis of what managed to clutter itself up, and how much clutter managed to move there.  In reality, this gives you an idea of what area of your life needs attention.  Here is a possibility list.  A fun divination in clutter.  Just something for you to ponder:

1.  If the bathroom was the first to go, then it is possible that you are not paying attention to the maintenance of yourself because your life is so full with other things you haven’t stopped to take care of the inner you.  It may also mean that you hold things too long — hold a grudge — won’t compromise — have trouble letting go of the negative.  The bathroom can tell people more about the inner you than any other room.  If you have a busy family, who messes up the bathroom the most?  That person, then, carries the lowest self-esteem.

2.  The kitchen?  You are not paying attention to what you are bringing into your life.  You’ve gotten to the point where review of what you are willing to accept has been turned off.  Just about any old thing is wandering in.  Now, if you have a busy family, who pigs up the kitchen the most?  This is the person in the family who might have the most enemies, which affects the welfare of the entire group mind.

3.  Your Bedroom.  Yes, this is the relationship barometer.  The most clutter here means that your personal needs are being ignored, either by choice or by circumstance.  You may be investing all your time in the family, or your job, or whatever.  Here is where we can tell if your inner emotional needs are being met.

4.  The Dining Room.  This is the heart of the family, because it is the one place where, in a calmer phase of being, the entire family gathers.  I put it this way because there comes a time, especially within the matrix of the family, that the children begin to pull away — school, job, outside interests — and begin taking their meals elsewhere.  When this happens, the heart of the family begins to alter.  Sometimes it fractures.  If the dining room is filled with clutter, it means that the matriarch or patriarch of the family has pulled away from the group mind, and does not have a full understanding of the current workings of the entire family unit.


10 thoughts on “Day Eleven of the Great Release Challenge!”

  1. Oh my word my 14 year old Granddaughter is the bathroom mess maker and her bedroom smells like a foot locker. I just close the door and walk away. I clean her and her Dad’s bathroom once a week because I have my own bathroom. Its hard to keep a home when you live with people who leave a mess thank God my husband helps out. I tried that wishing for a new chair it didn’t happen for a long time it was my husbands old favorite. But I brought a new recliner and bingo he moved the old chair he as a new favorite chair. Now to wait till spring so I can haul that old ugly one to the place that gives still usable stuff to people in need. Can’t do it now too many feet of snow up here in northern Canada.

    1. Teresa! Thanks so much for adding your comment. Yes, teenagers can really impact the living environment, lol. We’re lucky here, we haven’t had any real snow — just and onion dusting. Keep us posted on how you are doing! Thanks for the recliner story — that was important!

  2. hi silver, i simply love todays post. I love how you incorperated jungian metaphore into it, to tell people that metaphore and dream symbolism is valid in waking life, and you can use it to streighten up your life. Although i differ slightly on the meaning of the room metaphore, i can use yours also along with mine because i believe yours are valid to. Way to go silver, you are awsome!!!!!! Blessed be!!

    1. Thanks, Jennifer! and I’m so glad you brought up the point that room metaphors will change with the individual personalities. That is such an important concept — that things will differ depending upon our lifestyle, our environment, and even our talents. I really appreciate your comments! Thank you!

  3. Dear Silver
    Thank you so much for your advice on my last post. I decided to take a break and watch Legally Blonde and had a great laugh. So far I have learned that sometimes I take things a bit too seriouslyand need to lighten up a little.
    I have filled several trash bags but because we had very bad snow and ice here (I live in Ireland) the bins were frozen shut and when I did eventually get them open they were full with other peoples rubbish! I now have to hold onto them for another week until after the next collection. Talk about trying to let go!! Quite funny actually.
    This program is not the easiest to see through ( I am really tired!) but it makes it alot easier knowing that there are other people out there doing the same thing. I loved todays post about which room relates to areas of life. Alot of food for thought there.
    Thank you for reward day. I really need it.
    Love and blessings

    1. Hello, Valerie!!! I’ve had that happen, too! I truly do believe that rubbish has a mind of its own and doesn’t want to leave a nice, cozy place. lol! I’m so glad you took a break and enjoyed yourself! That is so important! Thank you, too, for sharing your thoughts with all of us. That means a lot!

  4. Hi Silver
    I joined at day 5, and am slowly catching up, and going back to do the other days. I had already done the undies drawer, and thrown out broken china etc before you posted those challenges….or maybe given the time difference..I’m in Australia…you were posting and I picked up the vibe 🙂

    I wanted to comment on something I’ve noticed here in my home. I’ve had my kitchen extended a little, new and more windows put in to open up a very small dark space and a large deck added to my home. This is still ongoing, the painters are busy at work now. What I’ve noticed, despite living in a dusty, dirty, sometimes muddy mess, with only one small kitchen counter to work on, no water or power in the kitchen, and my fridge and stove sitting in the middle of the room, is that I feel the best I have in probably the 2 plus years I’ve lived here!

    I have more energy, I think the big one I’ve noticed is I’m no longer falling asleep in front of the tv each night, in fact the tv is rarely going on, I’m getting lots of little tasks done, sitting out on my deck enjoying the dusk, and nature, birds going to bed, all sorts of good and different things happening for me. I realised I kept saying over and over to the architect and the builder, quite frantically when some of the windows weren’t the right size was ” I have to see out”, and now I can.

    Someone commented a few days ago that just by moving objects in her house the energy was changed…it was that comment that made me realise the difference it has made for me by moving walls, old kitchen cabinets out and being able to see out ….hmm?

    One more thing, my workroom/studio is my most cluttered, messy room…my creative place, I’d appreciate any feedback on what area of my life this might refer to?

    1. Nanette! First, you are so awesome!!! I agree totally with you on the renovation theory and the moved objects, especially the large ones, and changing the walls. In October, my youngest son came in from work one evening and said, “You’ve done so many nice things for me, I’m going to build you a new bedroom.” I almost fainted right on the dining room table. As you’ve seen by some of the pictures, Jamie has been true to his word. He comes home from work each night and saws, tears, rips, bangs, and builds until late at night. But, when I really noticed the change (as you said, Nanette) is when he tore the wall out between two rooms to put in the pocket door. Sunlight streamed in where none had ever been before. The entire area seem free, energized, even thought dust was floating hither and yon. I stood there, amazed at how good I felt, even as that fine layer of horsehair (yes) plaster dust swirled about the area. Yes, indeed. Moving large pieces of furniture and changing the structure itself can be a wonderful benefit!

      As to your studio. I’m so glad you asked! My studio has moved over the years from three different rooms. Now, let me share with you that studio is a fancy name in my house for an abandoned room. As family dynamics dictated, this movement required that I yearly (so it seems) was forced to go through all my supplies. Like many zealous crafters, I have just about everything to make anything. One system of placement, however, has really helped. The first time I had to move I got rid of the normal desk, credenza type stuff and went to large, folding tables that set against the walls, making a U formation, and leaving the center of the room free so that I could walk to the various tables and work on my different types of crafts. Eons ago, when I was in the corporate world, one of my bosses designed an office for me with this type of set-up, and it had worked extremely well. I just mimicked it with far cheaper materials. I also bought different types of small shelving that was originally meant for kitchens — those tier shelves that adjust. This way I could put the glues with the glues, the paints with the paints, etc., and still see what I had and how much I had. I also relegated certain tables for certain things. The right hand table is for cutting, gluing, painting. The center table holds my computer. The left table, as you saw in the pic the other day, holds two shelf sets I found on sale at a craft store. On these shelves are all the whot-nots of stamping, embellishing, that sort of stuff. Underneath all the tables are plastic tubs (for the time being) that hold papers, designs, etc. That needs to be gone through — again!

      Things that help: Every three months I go through the bins underneath and toss out stuff I haven’t used in a year, or that is so aged its yucky. Sometimes I give those things away; but, most people really don’t want them. Every week, when I clean the rat cage (yes, I have a rat, his name is Chi, and he is my work companion) I also clean the tops of all the tables, the computer, and reorganize anything that is out of place.

      Secondly, I’ve learned to put away as I finish work for the day. I used to leave projects strewn out and about, and I don’t do that anymore. If it is dry, it goes in a protect holder with a lid — this holder depends on the size of what I’m working on. When the project is done, it goes one of two places. If a give-away — it goes to that person quickly. If it is an item for sale, I bag it in a plastic bag and take up upstairs to the storage room, where it sits on a shelf before it is sold. That way, I always have space in my small craft room to make more stuff!

      Third: Everything has its place. Camera goes with camera batteries, the case, the extra cards — all together. Toner is right with the printer. Cutting implements (knives, ruler, all that) in a basket right by the cutting board. And, don’t be saying: Oh! It’s because she’s a Virgo. Bull on that! One of my art teachers once remarked that he didn’t know how I produced anything, given that I got more paint on myself and the table than any human he’d ever seen. When you’re creating the last thing you think about is mess. I know! You’re in the zone and you flow with it. So! Giving everything a place to be and remembering to put it back there was really hard for me — but, eventually I so enjoyed the benefits of being mindful, that now it is routine.

      Four: Don’t buy what you don’t need. Okay, this was really super hard for me. If it is a new craft technique? My inner self wants all of it and in large quantities so I don’t run out. My budget can’t stand this mentality. Especially with the price of gas, utilities, and food here in the states. When it comes to: Do I want that great new punch thingie or do I want to feed my family tonight — sigh — the family wins out, of course. However, in this cost-crunch mentality, creativity works overdrive. I learned that if I thought about the result of what that cool thing does, I could mimic it for cheaper. For example, I love doing Art Trading Cards, but nice paper, embellishments, rubber stamps, etc. can get really expensive and there isn’t much of a market for this type of craft. Through a digital scrapbooking book, I stumbled upon a way to use Photoshop to get the same effects; but, on a computer. I learned to draw in pieces on paper with pen and ink, and then scan those pieces into Photoshop. From there, I would make several step-by-step copies, saving different copies as I moved along in case I made mistake. Some of my favorite ATC and post card drawings were actually done in this way. The pearl necklace on several of my projects? These were my mother’s pearls and the stringing broke. I put them in a jar, thinking I would re-string them several months ago. One day, when looking for an embellishment for a project, I thought, what if I take a picture of some of those beads, scan it into the computer, and then string them, bead by bead where I want them on my picture? It worked! Bottom line…be inventive before you shop.

      If you have any other questions, just ask. As you can tell (ooops) I love to talk about art!

  5. *Interesting*— the kitchen is the room that gets trashed the most quickly. “Not paying attention to what’s coming in” “review of what [I] am willing to accept has been turned off”

    Wow. Epiphany. Thanks!

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