Day Ten of the Great Release Program!

Day Ten of the Great Release Program!
30 Days to an Awesome New YOU!

by Silver RavenWolf

Why Are You Hanging Onto Pain? Kick it out!

Mercury stationed and turned retrograde this morning, and for the next twenty days we will observe crossed communications, misunderstandings, arguments over really stupid issues, broken electrical equipment, and screw-ups in general.  The most documented of the retrograde experiences, this time does have its usefulness.  Really!  The basic rule during a Mercury retrograde is:  Don’t start anything new that’s super important to you.

Mercury retrograde is a time to re-think, re-align, re-visit…yada.  Basically, put the RE prefix in front of it and you’re good to go.  Being aware that Mercury is retrograde is half the battle.  Knowing that trains won’t be on time, the ferry will be slower than usual, the roads will be clogged at strange hours, that people will miss your phone calls, lose your letters, and be grumpy on top of it… well, then, you are one up on the common human.  Expect it and move on.  I have a friend who has a Mercury Retrograde savings account.  He started it several years ago when he had to replace his transmission in his car and had to borrow money and max out his credit card to pay for it.  This account, he explains, is only for things that break — the refrigerator, washer, water heater — that sort of stuff.  He doesn’t touch it for anything else.  It’s a thought.

My husband says (and I think he has a good point) that Mercury retrograde is a time to play only in your own sandbox — meaning, pay attention to self and immediate environment.  Mr. Sage-Drop-Wisdom on occasion also said last night — December in this country is a time for family.  With all the holiday hoopla nobody really cares or wants to be bothered with someone’s dumb drama that does not affect the primary unit (meaning family).  He’s got a point.  In the corporate world they used to call December the Lame Duck Month, meaning that most people just limped along at work tasks because they were so focused on family, immediate friends, and holiday fun that the bottom line was the least of their worries.  Right now is truly not the best time to elicit the cooperation of outsiders on what they might consider insignificant, because they are focused on themselves, and won’t give you the undivided attention you need.  This is NOT to say that you shouldn’t seek professional help in any arena should you require it.  Mercury Retrograde has a habit of bringing old issues out into the open in an effort to force you to deal with them.  Spiritual teachers, card readers, reiki practitioners, etc., notice a spike in  clientele /business during this time, particularly closer to when Mercury stations to turn direct again.

Working within the Mercury Retrograde time-span is actually a gift to the Awesome New You!  The look-within requirement of every Mercury Retrograde will serve you nicely, so let’s take advantage of it!

Your Mission Today:  Today’s task is called:  Hit the Road, Jack!  and, if you are brave, you are going to walk through your living area, and particularly peep in hidey-holes, to ferret out anything that is left over from a dead relationship.  Now, let me be specific — we’re talking about the guy who cheated on you, the gal who forced you into bankruptcy, the ex mother-in-law who gave her son money so he could put you through the worst custody battle on the face of the planet so his widdle feelings wouldn’t be hurt (he doesn’t really give a damn about the kid), the friend who tried to play suck face with your husband in the bathroom last New Year’s Eve… those type of relationships that negatively impacted you.  And, don’t tell me you already cleaned that stuff out, because there is always SOMETHING you missed.  So!  Take the trash bag and start chucking!  Pictures?  Go!  Rings (especially!!!! if they are worth something, sell-em).  Clothing — tear it then throw it.  Dishware — break it! Furniture?  Unless you must have it, give it away.

The theory here is that if you purposefully hold onto these things, you are holding onto the pain the relationship caused.  The magickal line of thought is that each of those items carries a double charge of energy — that which came from the original gifter (owner) and yours, along with the binding psychic memory of the relationship.  By keeping this stuff, you are continuing to hold the negativity to you.

The key to this little exercise is how you feel about it, and whether or not you think you are ready to let go — to release — this old relationship.  Are you?  I think you are!

Hey!  Be sure to check the garage, the attic, and the basement.  That’s often where this type of stuff crawls to so that it can continue to fester in your space — out of sight — where it can desiccate unnoticed — picking at you from afar…okay, you get the point.  Time to grab that trash bag and march!!  Take no prisoners!  The time for the final battle is now!

While you are at it, take a pen and piece of paper and write down all small things that are broken and need replaced or repaired.  The little stuff.  Nothing all consuming.  Nothing super expensive. For example, one of my curtain rods is bent, and should have been replaced ages ago.  I keep meaning to take care of it and always forget.  I also need a new fry pan.  The one I currently have has sizzled one too many hamburgers and now everything wants to stick — that kind of stuff.  Once you’ve consciously marked items in your mind for replacement, you have begun the release process.  In the next twenty days, we want to follow through on that list, so tape it to the fridge or put it on your desk, and as you replace these things, mark them off.  We’re not writing down anything big because the effort or price may be more than you can mentally handle right now.  Just the small stuff, okay?

My Magickal Release Diary:  I spent most of the day yesterday working on a healing hex sign.  With the release program, you may find your creativity going into hyper-drive.  Hours few by and I didn’t even notice!  Between that and having guests for dinner, the day slipped by at warp speed.  Now that my refrigerator is clean, I guess I’ll have to put stuff in it.  All day long, as I moved throughout the house, I did the Grab It and Dump It — and ended up with another trash bag full of stuff!  I’d like to tell you that everything is totally clean — but, it isn’t.  My son is still working on my bedroom and every day, a new layer of fine dust settles on everything.  That’s okay.  The end result will definitely be worth it!

Are you remembering to practice the Braucherie Morning Ritual every day?  How is that going for you?  Have you started to slow down a bit?  Think this program is too much or has gotten boring?  That’s okay.  Those feelings are normal.  Hang in there!  I promise that on the other side of these thirty days you will look and feel so much better!

Tomorrow (I’ll give you a bit of an advance) is entitled:  Your Day!  So think about something special you’d like to do on your Reward Day.  After all, you’ve done all this hard work — you are entitled to something wonderful that you choose!


21 thoughts on “Day Ten of the Great Release Program!”

  1. Hi Silver,

    Well this release program is definitely making room for new things. And attracting good things to us.
    We have a family member coming to stay with us for the next 6 months. She was expected to arrive in early February, instead she will be here in two weeks!
    Which means as I convert my office into a guest bedroom this weekend there will be a whole lot more to release, one of the first things to go? The pumpkin colored paint on the walls… what was i thinking?

    Have a wonderful day,
    Brightest Blessings.

    David James

    1. Funny how a color seems so acceptable to us in one phase of our lives, and totally “off the wall” as we grow and change. Thanks for sharing this, David, the concept is an important one for all of us.

  2. Wow! and good morning Silver! I am happy to say that yesterday when i cleaned out the closets i came across a bunch of stuff from my x’s and old relationships and i tossed it all! What a relief that was. Im not sure what i will work on today i may rest as im quite tired. Im happy to hear tomorrow is a reward yourself day because my whole day is booked and i was wondering to myself, how the heck am i going to work on clearing when im out of town lol. My reward tomorrow is a day spent with a long time friend who i haven’t seen in a while, we are going for lunch then shopping out of town, and then to a yule party! Im looking forward to it. Thank Goddess and you for reward days! things are falling into perfect timing. Each day i get up early anxiously awaiting the new days magickal release. I look forward to it! I work with the Braucherie ritual every morning and i enjoy it and while i haven’t always noticed results i try to look for subtle results and be grateful. Such as yesterday, i asked for good fortune, and not much happened so i went over my day and was grateful my husband came home safe from an out of town trip and i was safe on the roads (they were quite bad as it was snowing all day). Also i got into a medical apt a few minutes early so i counted that as good fortune as well. Im usually in a mind set of money for good fortune lol but i know it comes in many ways and im grateful.

    Wishing you and everyone a wonderful day and fabulous weekend!


    1. Thanks for remind all of us that good fortune doesn’t just equate to money — good fortune can come in a variety of subtle as well as glaring ways! I’m so glad you are relaxing this weekend and sharing good times with friends. May the love you experience raise you to new heights!

  3. Good Morning Silver!
    Wow! When I first read ‘Banishing the ghosts of old relationships’ I thought.. hmm.. this won’t apply to I rid myself years ago of everything.. A lighning bolt struck immediately and my mind screamed at me! Right in the middle of the room.. where I am attempting to create my sacred space sits a heavy coffee table that I picked out with my ex.. seems like centuries ago! It’s solid oak and quite heavy.. so I can’t give it the old heave ho today.. but it is marked goods now and will be taking it’s final ride this weekend!
    Come to think of it.. that table has become a catch all for ‘stuff’ and seems to keep me from getting organized! WOW! Thank you Silver!!!

    Bright Blessings!

  4. Good morning Silver,
    I am estranged from my oldest sister, who has recently done something
    really awful to me that is now costing me a LOT of money that I don’t have
    and has (temporarily!) robbed me of peace of mind. Her actions have set
    off a chain of events that will take at least a year or more to work through.
    Besides these things, I’m having a hard time accepting that my own sister did this to me. I am an artist/craftsman and over the years I’ve accumulated lots of craft type paints and stuff that was hers and she gave me…it’s everywhere and mingled amongst my own paints. A part of me has known that I should have just gotten rid of it all before now, but I couldn’t bring myself to get rid of perfectly good craft items . I now see how bad it is to have held on to it all and now see that at this point it is imperative that I toss all of these items. What if I miss some things and don’t realize it? Is there something specific I can do that would protect me from the negative energy of these items? I have done the Evil Be Gone ritual even before you posted it on here. I want (and need) to cut all ties with her. What she has done to me is really bad and has caused complete turmoil for me and other people in my life due to the ripple affect. I would appreciate any advice!
    I want you to know that just the act of reading your blog posts brings me a sense of peace even before doing what you instruct! I am so grateful.
    Blessed Be!

    1. Tina! There’s nothing worse to one’s self-esteem than a family member gone bad. I know that sounds selfish, sort of, but, when you’ve invested so much time and energy into someone (a friend counts here, too) that when that person turns on you, you are all but emotionally devastated. I am not a therapist. I can only tell you what I did when something like that happened to me. What you do is entirely your own choice. After I wallowed for a while (okay, a long while) I picked myself up and brushed myself off, and concentrated entirely on my own behavior. Because, that is the behavior that belongs to me. I own that. I don’t own anyone else’s behavior, choices, or activities. I worked on my spirituality, my choices, and my interests — that really helped me. Thank you for sharing.

  5. whew, thats all done. I was sure holding on to crap i didnt need to. I also made four hundred dollars off two rings and a tennis bracelet that held bad memories. Wow this release program is great, keep up the good work and keep it comin silver. Blessed be.

  6. Mercury retro started the same way it always does, by me having a sinus infection of some sort and the bank account being “not right”… lol You’re getting predictable, Mercury!! *shakes fists*

    I was able to relax today, though, since everything left over from my divorce is long gone, except for some furniture that is still being used. Looking forward to the future challenges!

  7. Well I just started up the Release Program today (Spirit pointed me here this morning, thank you very very much for this btw Mrs. Silver) and I’ve been slowly going through the past 10 days of entries making a working list. I went ahead and dove into it all head first with a few I knew I could conquer today at least.

    One of my younger sisters used to live in the room I do now and she left a lot of stuff behind in the closet & bathroom. Well I finally got it all out of the house to her not too long back, a least the important things, and I still come across the occasional bit of unimportant rif-raf that was her’s (usually toiletries and the like). I’ve been holding onto it all until now. I filled a trash bag with things that I would never use and she never seemed to care about if she left it behind. Gone. Poof.

    I cleaned out my bathroom, cleaned out/organized my bedroom closet, cleaned and washed my bag I always carry (it feels SO much lighter now), conquered most of my laundry (which I’ve been sorting and throwing out the nasty stuff or putting into my recycle to Goodwill bag) and have gotten rid of the last of the ex-fiancee’s stuff I still had. I do feel much better now. I will continue on with this and hope it helps me to really get into where I need to be most of all. I am making way for better things in my life, I deserve it. 🙂 Thank you and bright blessings to all.

    1. You do deserve it Melony! And thanks for writing about the old stuff left behind that the owner doesn’t care about anymore, and the fact that you truly deserve the best things in life — because you do! You do deserve them! And, you can have them. You just have to choose! I am extremely proud of you! You are awesome!

  8. Sweet site, I hadn’t noticed before in my searches!
    Keep up the great work!

  9. Well Silver,

    I’ve gone along with the program every day since it started and was often pleasantly surprised to find myself ahead of the game as it were in a lot of categories.

    This day’s challenge however, has proved the hardest. I have three people this challenge effects, one ex-spouse (one ring easily tossed), and ex-gf (just a handful of pics and a sweater again easily tossed), and a friend who had become a spirit sister. Now when it came to number three there were so many items all through my house that this was quite hard. At first I ignored it once done with persons 1 and 2. Then rationalized it ….”well but,” I said, “I thoroughly cleansed all these items when the whole thing happened, because I frankly needed a lot of these items just to survive (clothing, kitchen items) or because I wanted to remember the good of the relationship…whole in depth sea salt, full moon cleanses…so I don’t really have to….do I?”

    I even went to bed, determined to sleep and if I had to deal with it when I got up. No go. All I had was release challenge monkey chatter filling my head with lists of what was still in the house and how pervasive it was, when all I wanted was sleep. Finally driven from my bed I have gone through the house and as best my memory serves me gotten rid of all items given to me by this person, and made a list of some given to me and my partner as couple gifts so I can clear the tossing and replacing of these items when my partner gets up. I believe it will all be for the better…but it’s 1.5 hrs until my alarm clock goes off. I’m definitely going to need my vitamins and an early night once Saturday’s work is through!

    Thanks for challenging us…I probably wouldn’t ever have gotten around to tossing some of those items…and I’m sure it’s past overdue.

    1. Juniper! Yup. Went through the same thing myself. Kept the stuff around for awhile. Argued with myself. There was a beautiful crystal — hey, I cleansed it, I would say to myself. And then a mirror. It was so expensive! Yesterday, a nice box that I keep some things in and had forgotten who had given it to me — and then suddenly remembered. In the end, however, I let go of all of it. And you know what? The house got quieter. That was a good thing. Thank you for sharing!

  10. Hi , just wanted to say thanks for helping me through a very rough few months of my life….. I broke up with my so called boyfriend back in May of this year. I don’t have too much to throw out…just a lot of memories in my head… their the worst ones….like they say just take one day at a time…. I have all your books too, but I’m not sure where to begin!!! I’m 52, and even though I’m not a teenager lol lol , I really want to start with “Tean Witch” Thanks for listening to me…. bright blessings, Nicole

  11. The pics and personal effects are all gone– I got in the habit of doing that long ago. I struggle, however, with getting rid of something that I use or wear daily/regularly, because I like it, or it’s my favorite… or also if the item is something that would be expensive to replace. I don’t have any of *their* stuff… that’s all gone. So I’m definitely struggling with this one. I’m not a hoarder… but I certainly re-use, recycle, accept cast-offs from others, and take good care of the things I do have. I’ll consider doing more, but I am struggling with tossing cashmere sweaters, suede jackets, earrings from Tiffany, and a Movado watch… not to mention my entire silverware set! LOL

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