Day Seven of the Great Release Challenge!

And we're not even going to look at the other side of the room -- ahem.

Day Seven of the Great Release Program
You are Awesome!

by Silver RavenWolf

Your Mission for Today:  Your desk! (even if it is the kitchen counter).  If your paperwork is messy, your brain is messy, your life is messy.  Fear trumps the cards you play every day because you don’t know that the heck is going on in the world of the paper Gods.

You think I jest?


What if you have more than one desk?  Do the primary work and primary home desks first — if you have time, move on to the others.  Do you have to organize that pile of receipts?  Time, for you, on a Tuesday, is at a premium.  Clean the surface of the desk, get rid of trash, outdated fliers, coupons that have expired (although I hear some stores will honor those expired coupons, so double check on that one), then reorganize.  If you have time, sort the receipts, the bills, the letters, etc.  Emails and correspondence are not part of today’s challenge.  That’s for another day.

Tomorrow, on Day Eight (a number of mastery) we are going to do a very short ritual, Braucherei style.  I hope that you will find, as I have, that Braucherei is simple, elegant, and strong down to the bone — a perfect magickal system for the busy, spiritual person.  All you will need is yourself and a candle.  White is fine.  Red is excellent.  Although there is an accompanying formula, you don’t need to use it.  What is vital is that you learn in this program is that you use what you have.  We’ve spent seven days releasing — requiring you to go out and spend money just for a particular working that you think you might need is not cost effective.  Save that space that you’ve just made in your life for something you really want.  Let’s choose more carefully what new stuff to pull into your living area.

This week, at some point, I’ll also talk about those in your environment who have gotten with the program, jumped on board with you, and those who haven’t.  We’ll talk about the possible why-stuff, and how you can work around the problem areas.

One last reminder, Mercury turns retrograde on Friday, the 10th.  You’re probably already feeling the energy glitch.  A retrograde is when a planet turns its energy inward.  The flavor of this inward turn depends upon the planet.  Mercury is all about communication, and three times a year, Mercury takes a self-inspection that lasts about three weeks, and drives the humans on this earth nuts.  People argue (especially when it swings retrograde and again when it swings direct).  Things break (cars, electronics, appliances) and letters, e-mails, and such get lost, misinterpreted — yada.  If you totally understand Mercury retrograde, you are good to go — just ride with it and let the rest of the world wonder what the heck hit them.  Right now, Mercury is in its storm (the gearing down process) so you may have noticed already that things aren’t quite right.

Like this blog entry that’s late this morning because my router went out, or perhaps a misspelling in the article because I’m rushing like mad to get this posted!  If there are any mistakes in here, I’m just going to leave them as an example of what Mercury retrograde is all about.  Mistakes that you previously missed, so now you get to go back and correct them.  Old issues arise for many people that require a completion effort during a Mercury retrograde.  It is the perfect vehicle for our Release Program.  Let’s deal and toss once and for all.

That’s Mercury retrograde.

My Release Diary for Today!  I watched the dried, brown leaves hurl themselves across the street and asked Spirit to clear my mind and bring clarity and joy.  It was a very busy day; but, I feel strong and empowered.  The release program this year is super good for me.  How about you?

In service



22 thoughts on “Day Seven of the Great Release Challenge!”

  1. Hi Silver,

    I’m really reaping the benefits of this years program. The simple morning ritual is great. I find myself repeating it during the day when things get hectic, or stuck in traffic because of the snow.
    As for today’s challenge, already done! Stayed home due to a snow storm and cleaned up my desk and office first thing this morning so I could set up for a day’s work. I guess great minds really do think a like 😉
    I have to say, I’m a little concerned about the upcoming retrograde. This year they’ve been hitting me pretty hard. Hope this one will be gentler…

    Have a great day Silver!

    David James

  2. Wow! This year’s release program has been amazing! I can say enough about the Braucherei Ritual or the daily tasks. I have so much energy and am getting to the bottom of all this clutter I have lived with this Autumn.
    My two oldest children and my mother are even on board. And of course, my “non-majickal” husband isn’t complaining either. On top of all of this, I received a great concept for the book I’ve been writing.
    I’ve been re-reading MindLight while working this program and so much of the information in that book enriches what you’ve been teaching us this month.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  3. cool another day off, my desk is always clean, i cant stand a messy desk,or for that matter a messy anything. I am a virgo and true to my sign, neat, tidy,and meticulas,etc,etc. lots of luv, jenn.

  4. The desk and I have been eyeing each other warily since this started, knowing that eventually we’d be forced to do battle and one of us might not make it out alive. Hours later, the primary decluttering is finished, and I’m experiencing the most wonderful release. I’m taking a little break, and then on to the cleaning and reorganizing. Thanks again for this most wonderful Blessing.

  5. Hi Silver
    Thank you for this great challenge. I just started a few days late and am trying madly to catch up. I just started the Braucherei daily ritual this morning and I ve just realised that in the last few years I had actually turned into a chronic hoarder and would not admit it!
    The first few days were exciting as I began to feel totally creative and inspired.but now I am getting really grouchy as I have accumulated so much clutter that I think I will need the entire month to de clutter and nothing else! I want to start lots of creative projects right away but to be honest its hard to create when you cant even see your workspace properly!
    However I shall continue on and I will never, ever, hoard again.!!
    Now I know why its called a challenge.

    Best wishes and many thanks


    1. I did exactly what you just did, five years ago. lol. I took fifty, yes indeedy, fifty trash bags out the month I decided that this was just super ridiculous. My best advice is do a little at a time, and while you are doing it, listen to something inspiring (that helps). Also, it is okay to take a break and be creative. Once I would get into a project, I would make sure everything was put away when I had to go and do something else. I kept a small, plastic project bin to put my unfinished projects in, and that really helped. Remember, also, that release is an on-going activity. Right now, we are pushing to get rid of as much as we can, so that throughout the year, we practice better acquiring habits. Folks that did the program last year are finding it easier this year, because they’ve kept up with what the could. I give you big hugs and kisses! I am very proud of you! Yes, you will hit a snag where you will feel tired and grumpy about it — almost everyone does. That’s because you’ve held on to the negativity and it has become a habit. It wants to continue to feed on you, which is why is smacks your subconscious. To get around this – stop, and do something fun — get outside or watch a favorite movie. Say to yourself, “Its okay to enjoy this right now.” Then, when the activity is over, go back to clearing out. Everyone needs a break, and the break should be emotionally fulfilling. Thanks for posting!

  6. funnily enough the day we cleane dthe floor I had gotten so pumped that i tackled my desk! sooo i’m relaxing wcathing favorite movies and a bit later i’m going to take the extra time.after homework lol to do a ritual.. ive been so busy it would be nice! by the wya that aura cleansing ritual is amazing ! and thank you for it!

  7. Hello Silver! I was somewhat dreading the desk even though i cleaned it out a couple months ago. It took me a bit longer to get to todays task because i had some errands to run, one being getting some supplies for tomorrows ritual. I was also inspired to clean out my spiritual “desk” first it was quite a mess even had broken glass in it which i was not aware of and i found out the hard way… i didn’t feel it but then seen blood all over and wondered where it was coming from LOL right on the finger tip which is making it difficult to type tonight. I finally made it to my desk and i actually cleaned out so much i threw out a large garbage bag of things! It looks and feels amazing and once again my energy is high and happy. Im really loving all this clearing work. I am so happy i found your blog on facebook. I hope you are having a wonderful evening. Im looking forward to tomorrow. Thank you again!

    Love and light

    1. They say… that physical events mirror situations around you of what you are not aware. By banishing the physical garbage, so the sneaking negativity also slinks away. Thank you for sharing with us!

  8. I have been using the morning ritual since day 1. I will not start my day without it. Yesterday afternoon I was on my way back to work. There was one of those leaf sucking up trucks sucking up the leaves that people raked out ot the curb. The car in front of me went around it I followed just seconds after. That car stop right in front of me to make a left hand turn. I don’t even remember if they had their blinker on or not… I caught my breath, slammed on the brakes and cut to the right, I came within inches of smashing into the back of that car. The first thing I thought was “Oh thank the Goddess that was Good Fortune if I ever saw any” I Thanked the God and Goddess all the way to work. Thank you Sooo much for sharing. As for the challenges They are going well. Trully making a difference in my little space in this world and in this house. I share a house with 3 other people. None of which are on board with these tasks. So I what I do is within my private living space. I smile in the morning and wonder… What does Silver have in store for us to day? I look forward to your posts everyday! Again Thank You.

    Blu J ~

    1. Good Morning Blu J! You are so awesome today! Wow, near miss– super fortunate! When the snow hits? Put imaginary polar bears around your vehicle. Has always worked for me. Keep going. Living with others is hard. I will be writing on that very shortly. Thanks for sharing with us!

  9. Hi Silver,
    YOU are just what the doctor ordered! I am sooooo blessed to have found you. My daughter and I are following the Great Release Program (we live together) I have been through a LOT of crazy stuff for the last year and have not felt grounded for a long time, it was starting to really get to me, then I found you! I already had a couple of your books but just decided one day to find you online, the Divine led me to you. I have done a few of the Braucherei rituals so far and I’m already feeling better. You just don’t know the gratitude that I feel! Thank you so very much!

    1. I’m so glad the program is working for you! Keep us posted on how you are doing. At the end of the program our circle here will be lighting a blessing candle for everyone that posted throughout the program!

  10. Today 12/19/10 I am still working on the desk and office. Desk is cleared off, washed down, etc. Now moving on to the piles of papers that I hate throwing out because I just *know* I will need that information as soon as I throw it out… I will have the papers gone in the next day or two. Not worth scanning or putting in binders… I’ll never find it again. Argh. Probably should just PITCH. Amazing, the emotional struggle to let go of INFORMATION.

    1. Lol — you and I have the same problem. I stick bits and pieces of paper here and there, and then never can find the darned things (actually, you are the better finder than me).

  11. Desk-tidy and washed down. Papers– at least sorted into priority piles. Folders cleaned out. A work in progress but much better than it was. Finished 12/24/10.

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