Day Five! of the Great Release Challenge!

Day Five! of the Great Release Challenge
26 Days to an Awesome New You!

by Silver RavenWolf

Your Mission for Today:  A feeling of impatience and itchiness?  That’s okay — you are feeling the as-above of the New Moon in Sagittarius this afternoon and Uranus swinging to direct this evening.  Today — be sure to blow off some steam with an enjoyable past time.  Check further on in the article for more a bit more on today’s astrological energies.

As to your release program — Time to clean out, rearrange, and re-order books, CD’s, DVD’s, VCR Tapes, etc.

What you listen to, and what you watch as entertainment has a great deal of influence on the type of energy that you are putting into your personal field.  Negative, frightening stuff day-after-day-after-day can lower your personal empowerment factor.  Hey, I love horror movies, too; but, a constant diet of anything isn’t mentally healthy and will eventually inhibit your ability to rise above the common crap of the world.  Same thing with music, radio shows, gossip rags, etc. — a constant stream of negativity will eventually bring you a Titanic experience in your mind.  At least for the remainder of our Great Release Program — try to bring balance into your life by making a concerted effort in choosing how you tickle your eyeballs and what you stuff in your ears.  At the end of the challenge period, you can determine for yourself how your  entertainment diet affects you, and whether you would like to make a permanent change, or not.

While you are mulling over the sights and sounds that orchestrate your personal alchemy, why not take a look at the art work you are attracted to?  What is hanging on your walls, tucked in your journal, or squeezed into the back of a hall closet with a grimace?  The energy of image has much to say about you, and about your state of mind at any given moment.  If you create art for others (or yourself) what has been your current theme lately?  Every image in your environment carries its own energy with a greater effect than you might imagine.  What the art is saying isn’t necessarily a bad thing, yet it is a barometer, a clue, to that which is currently inside of you.  To fairly judge the art around you (even magazine covers, calendars, date-books, etc.) imagine you are a stranger walking into your living environment for the first time.  What opinion would you draw from examining the decor, particularly the art?  Think about it.

Today, New Moon unfolds at 12:36 PM EST in Sagittarius — a happy, fiery, busy, chatty, sign — ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansion and great benefits.  As the moon moves to new, the planet Uranus is shaking off the doldrums and preparing to go direct at 8:50 PM EST.  From retrograde to direct, Uranus can energize good things and bad things — think wisely today about how you will use this incoming energy that can zap the top of a skyscraper to pieces.  Try not to focus that energy on the little, stupid stuff.  Instead, take that amazing stuff and sling-shot it into something worthwhile! Do a ritual, work a little spell, or simply drink in and focus this power on something you desire.

My Release Diary:  When we set something on the floor, we put it there because, psychologically, we want that object to be secure and safe — thus, we want ourselves to feel secure and safe, and for some reason, don’t feel that way if the floor in our environment is so jammed that walking becomes a risk to life and limb.  When we run out of space on the floor, the chairs and tables are the next to go.  And the piles climb.  If you are dealing with this scenario — know this — you are screaming that you do not feel safe and secure.  The problem here, is, the more you pile, the less real security you have because you aren’t allowing the energy in the home to flow in a healthy way.  You are jamming it, blocking it, and allowing it to collect negative appendages.  Think of clutter piles as little monsters, sitting there, salivating, waiting to chomp at your ankles and rip out your heart.  There ya go!  Awful, huh?  Time to banish those monsters!  A hugely cluttered floor means you are dealing with a terrible mountain of fear.  Time to grab on to your bootstraps and start kicking trash — out the door — fear monsters along with it!

I’ve spent the last several days embracing (more than ever) my Braucherei work through art, which then slides easily into spellwork.  I have a large picture of Marie Laveau hanging in my work room.  Ray Malbrough gave her to me years ago because I so admire the woman and the many tremendous things she did for people.  I often talk to Marie.  I even wrote a spell dedicated to her, and use it when I feel I really need an extra boost.  Last week I stood in front of the painting and said, “Oh my Marie!  What do I do next?”

And she responded:  “Be who you are.”

The world is starting to feel lighter.  How about you?

In service


20 thoughts on “Day Five! of the Great Release Challenge!”

  1. Good morning Silver,

    Both Paula and I (Whistling Squirrel, the hubby) have read your release for the day post. We find it amazing how well connected we all seem to be. Yes, our collection of movies, music and other media has gotten quite messy and definetely needs some sorting. The art that hangs on our walls reflects our life style…family photos, God/Goddess prints and other aspects of our lives. We try very hard to portray a positive atmosphere for ourselves and our guests. Paula is so enjoying your posts, thank you for being, well, YOU! We love you.

    Wayne and Paula

    1. Good Morning Wayne and Paula! I’m delighted to be spending time with you! Here’s a special challenge for you two today — take a walk and talk about only everything that is good (nothing else). 🙂

  2. Good morning Silver! I just joined your blog the other day and I want to say thank you! Thank you for your kindness in sharing, thank you for being you. I’m going back after I post this to read up starting with Day 1 so that I can catch up with everyone. I just wanted to pop in to give my thanks!
    Brightest blessings!

  3. oh thank u silver!!!! I was wondering when i/we were going to get an easy one. This means i have nothing to do today, !!!! I love all my art work i never let anything pile high and i love all my music and movies, ie jewel, cline dion, and movies i watch over and over egain -tinker bell, stardust,everafter to name a few, and am verry anal about keeping all of this in order especially my books magic, and jungian psychology is all i read. Anyway thank goddess i have a day off my back and calf’s need it, after all that!! Blessed be, jennifer breland smith.

  4. Dear Silver,
    Your writings that you send are among the very best that I receive. Of course, this is no surprise. I have one of your early books, or I did, and just love your literary style. For a very modest price, you convey such a lot of good, solid information.
    I’d like to thank you for these posts,they really make my day. I am an older, retired lady, living in Ohio, now. So, my iphone and my pup are really it. Solitary as I am, books are my life, and Magick! Shamanism attracts me, so your Braucheri (sp?)is interesting to me, and Druidism. Well, Goddess Bless your work and mine, and Live in the Light!

  5. i went through my movies and such but what i really found interesting was when i opened my shoebox. A tradition ive had for awhile.. a memory box if you will. Thats where i really went to town.. there wer ethings i just needed to let go off and other things that brought back laughter and happiness… It helped alot!! Now i find myself pumped full of energy and nothing to do with it is my only problem any suggestions for types of rituals or anything Thank you so much

  6. Good morning……..I’ve wandered into your blog from Cottage Tails…thanks Leanne…..and would love to do this challenge. Is it ok to start now, although you’re all up to day 5 ?

    1. You can start at any time. If Spirit led you here on a specific day — then that’s the day you begin! You choose to do the previous challenges, or just move on from here. Go with your heart — and it will work for you!

  7. Good evening Silver! Let me tell you today was a killer for me. I didn’t think it would be that bad but it took me over 8 hours (and i honestly didn’t even get to the books but thankfully they are fairly organized), and my back pain was beyond its usual levels even with pain killers which didn’t make a dent in it. Thankfully through pulling some teeth i got help from my reluctant husband. I got rid of two boxes of old vhs tapes, some left over from my teens. I found myself being a bit grumpy and emotional today, im not sure if it was from the severe back pain or thinking how long its been since i was a teenager LOL. Any way im grateful the work is done, it looks great in here and the flow is much improved. One year ago we bought a dvd storage tower and it sat in the corner until today when i got my husband to put it together, and amazingly it holds all of our dvds that were scattered all over the place so now we have much more room for other things that were piling up. I hope you had a fabulous day. May we all have another great week of blessed releasing! Happy new moon!

    Blessings and light

  8. Good evening,
    This one was harder for me, not because of the work, I did the books DVD etc on day 3 as above, it was harder because I had to figure something else out to do! I decided to clean out my built in seating area. As it is single bed sized and we have a small home it tends to collect stuff. I cleaned it out both physically and mentally, also as I looked through and considered each of the items I took time to be thankful for them, to be thankful for what I have that is loved and useful, but also to be thankful for those things I am letting go, one because I am able to let them go and also because they were once useful things to be thankful for. This helped me a great deal to feel the process more. I have also been enjoying the spiritual exercises you have shared.
    Thanks 🙂

  9. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!! I’m behind! I just did the books (and the tarot decks, and various divination tools, which are on the same shelves) last night (12/8). Didn’t get to the CD collection. That’s tonight.

    My artwork? Seriously depleted and in need of a major overhaul with the exception of three pieces: (1) the painting of Krishna and Arjuna on the field at Kurukshetra; (2) the maiden in the fairy circle on MidSummer Eve; (3) the roses still life. I need to put stuff around myself that isn’t clutter but still says who I am and what matters to me.

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