Day Four of the Great Release Challenge!

D. B. Baker -- 1859 to 1940 -- author, professor, occultist -- my Great Grandfather

Day 4 of the Great Magickal Release Challenge!
27 Days to an Awesome You!

by Silver RavenWolf

Your Mission Today:  Yesterday we concentrated on — As Above.  Today?  So Below!  Walk through your entire living quarters and pick up everything off the main traffic area floors that doesn’t belong there.  Shoes, trash, errant papers, kids’ toys, grown-up toys, that tool box that sort of just morphed into the center of the dining room and never left, hats, scarves, coats, magazines…that stuff.  By removing these items (putting them away or trashing them) the energy can move freely through those high traffic areas, not get stuck or clogged and create negative or unhappy feelings.  Since this is the weekend, if you feel really energized, pick the worst corner in the house (you know, the one that seems to gather all the clutter) and clean out the entire area.   Since the moon is void 7:13 AM EST to 12:59 PM EST, this a perfect time to straighten and organize before launching into full-scale weekend plans.  (Please check the timing if you live in a different time zone.)

Clutter that tends to collect where you walk indicates a stumbling block on your path to success.  When you have a great idea, don’t build a dam with junkie fears or worries, that will stop you from succeeding.  Instead, jump ahead to a visualization of the finished product, then go back and plan your strategy!

Today, too, we’re going to polish your aura.  That’s right, you heard me, we’re going to do a nice aura buffing so that you sparkle!  Sit in a relaxing place.  Close your eyes.  Take three nice, deep breaths.  Sit up straight, shoulders back, nice deep breaths.  Now, relax.  Visualize yourself encased in a cloudy bubble.  Imagine a magick dust cloth, and use that cloth to clean the cloudy bubble around you.  If you are so depressed that you are having trouble with the visualization, ask a higher power that you believe in to help you (such as angels, a God or Goddess, totem animal, etc.)  Take your time.  See yourself buffing and shining the bubble.  As you do so, take nice, even, deep cleansing breaths.  Just relax and keep buffing until you start to feel yourself glow.  Add a smile (which helps immeasurably!).  When you are finished, imagine that all of you, inside and out, sparkles and glows.  Hold this visualization for as long as you can, then open your eyes, take a deep breath and smile again.

How do you feel?

If you would like the visualization to have even more of an impact, hold a fresh cut lemon as you do your auric cleansing.  The scent of the lemon can heighten the mental experience.  You can use this mini-meditation throughout the Release Challenge, particularly when you are feeling overwhelmed or stressed during the holiday merriment!

My Release Diary:  I spent a lovely day with my granddaughter and my daughter-in-law, so I didn’t get to my Above-stuff until later in the evening.  How is it, I think to myself, that this stuff crawls up there?  I also spent twenty minutes on the back porch, cleaning up trash (from my son’s work on my bedroom), and capturing those renegade leaves from the next door neighbor’s tree.  Being out in the cold helped to energize my afternoon, and put a bit of a zing in my step.

Have you been remembering to practice the Braucherei Morning Ritual?  The one that takes only a few minutes?  One good soul commented on the blog that they didn’t really think it would work; but, did it anyway — and won $200! that day.  Now, is that just too cool, or what?  Five minutes of your time to attract good stuff to you — that’s just how simple and wonderful Braucherei can be!  You can use those two chants to preface anything (healing, money draw, protection, etc.) throughout the day.  If you want to add the Lesser Banishing Ritual, you can find it in my Angel’s book (thanks to another reader’s reminder).

And, if its money you need, Lord Tim shared a Pow-Wow (Braucherei) spell with the folks that came to Healing Circle (he’s been with us for over twenty years).  Just like the chants mentioned above, the process is very simple.  Take your measure with black thread, knot it seven (7) times, and put it in a green bag or small green envelope that you can carry on your person.  Use those same Braucherei chants to visualize good fortune coming toward you.  Sunflower seeds or cinquefoil (two Pow-Wow herbal mainstays) can be added for more drawing power.

I’ve been spending my spare time this week working on two new art designs — one for protection and one for double luck in the home.  By releasing negative dirt, dust, clutter, and junk around me, I’ve noticed that my creative steam is really picking up.  How is the process helping you?  Please share, we’re in this together!  We’ve got 27 days to Total Awesome-ness!!!

In service



10 thoughts on “Day Four of the Great Release Challenge!”

  1. so far this has been amazing. Ive noticed that it is lifting away teh depression i useually feel in this kind of deary cold yet not snowing weather. Also just yesterday a few people made snide comments and such against kind of just rolled off as i simply left the sitauation and went home..its nice to see some self oomph coming back. Now i’m off to clean the monstroisty that is my room… no wonder i feel like i cant get anywhere . Blessings!

  2. When you said “below” I choked on my coffee and nearly had a stroke… I thought you were sending us all downstairs to clean the basement
    Reading on, my cardiac and pulmonary functions resumed their normal rhythms
    I’m pleased that I’m a little ahead of the game on the floor clutter… it seems that the lessons learned in last year’s release challenge have stuck with me! Today’s clutter is holiday-related… still decorating, and the boxes scattered around need to be removed and returned to the shelf until January, when they will be retrieved for holiday “takedown.”
    Regarding the “aura polishing”… I guess you’re never too old for that! I was foggy and all stuffed up when I got up this morning (overslept). Did the aura polishing and all of a sudden my head cleared up, my sinuses opened up, and I could *breathe* clearly! Nice!

  3. Not for sure if I am supose to ask questions here or not, if not I apologize. What can I do if my husband is resisting clearing the clutter. He’s not a hoarder, he’s just a Taurus to the core of his being making him very territorial. He is also a procrastinator and will always “get to it later.” He is a good man basically, so obviously I don’t want to banish him! lol!! He also carries a lot of chaotic energy with him, that he deposits on me, the kids, and the house unawares. He is completely “earthbound” and has no use for spiritual things right now.
    What can I do to help the Powers That Be with these issues? He doesn’t mind that I have chosen a spiritual path, just seems aloof about it within himself. We have been together now for 11 years, everything that we have set out to do to better our lives, has blown up in our face with the blasting power of a nuclear explosion. I have owned and am trying to resolve my part in this, how can I protect my household from this chaotic energy, when it is his household too?

    1. Gosh, I lived with this for thirty years. I’m afraid I earned the title THE Great Ball-Buster. Seriously. Keep concentrating on yourself, your behavior, and visualization. Release negativity within yourself and don’t concentrate on the other person. As you change, you will drag the rest of the crew along with you, whether they like it or not. However, if things are really intolerable, professional counseling is something to contemplate. Yeah, I know, that’s not exactly what you wanted to hear.

      1. Thank-you Silver, for repeating what my gut already knew to be true. It is amazing how that happens! You ask a question your instincts have already answered for you in hopes of outsmarting the Universe into giving you a different answer, only to have the original one hurled back at you!

        Thank-you for reminding me that we hold the power within ourselves to change. I have let this clutter and “do not touch that” piles rule me and have forgotten who I am and what my birthright is. I am going to continue working on myself and do my best not to nag “out loud.” I know it only makes it worse. But quietly and discreetly, I am going to war! Not against him, but against the chaotic energies that are flooding my home and disrupting our peace. I intend to cheat a little….instead of asking him to remove his piles and starting a fight I knew was coming before opening my mouth, I intend to order the piles themselves to leave(or the energy that is controlling them) He doesn’t have to know where the orders are coming from! I sure have no intention of telling him! I am on my way to refresh myself on some of your nifty little tricks!

        Thank-you so much for being the wind that pushes the fog away so one might see more clearly.

        You have been an inspiration for me for a little over 6 years, and I am thrilled beyond measure to get advise from you personally. I honestly never expected that you would have the time. Thank-you!

        In perfect Love and perfect Trust,

        Ambrosia Rain

      2. I’m very proud of you — just one caution — don’t follow my advice — follow that which is in your heart. Your higher self knows best. Tune into that, take a deep breath, and move forward!

  4. Well day 4 wasn’t too bad thankfully the floor was fairly clean so i put a few things away and got my husband to help with vacuuming the house (with a bit of grumbling on his part, hes an Aries LOL). The house looks and feels great. It was a busy day and we had company over and i was so tired by the end of it i almost forgot the aura cleansing. I sat on my bed and started to work on it and almost fell asleep! I managed to finish, by asking the aid of my guides and Angels then i went straight to bed. I had the best sleep ive had in while. Seeing the day 5 challenge i almost spit my coffee out, ive got lots of work cut out for me today and im recruiting some help here this time. Thanks again im really enjoying this! I love the way you think and put spins on things for people to see ordinary things in a whole new light. It really opens up my mind. I also enjoy how you share your progress with us and how you reply back to you. Have a great day 5 Silver!


    1. Recruiting help is an excellent idea, and brings the family closer together. When you tell them it is a challenge, they may look at you askance; but, most people love a challenge and can’t resist. And, it is an activity you can do together, which makes it go faster, and everyone gets to enjoy the results!

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