Day Three of the Great Release Challenge!

Welcome PeaceDay Three — The Great Release Challenge
28 Days to an Awesome New You!!!

by Silver RavenWolf

Your Mission Today:  As above…at home and in your workplace, remove all objects that sit on the top of furniture that rises above your head.  For example, the top of the fridge, perhaps the hutch in the dining room, or the armoire in the bedroom.  While you’re at it, high open shelves should not contain any clutter — for minimal display only.  The more ordered you have it above your head, the more ordered you have it in your life.  The more junk you have piled high, the more issues in life where you feel like you are in over your head.  We have a tendency to stick things up high, out of sight (or sometimes in plain view) for a variety of reasons.  If safety of the item, or safety of a person is an issue, find an inventive way around it.  The second part of your mission, should you choose to accept, is to remove all clutter from any stairway or stairwell.  You can’t walk an open path to a new and more amazing you, if you purposefully block your own way with your own junk.

Don’t forget to try to use the morning Braucherei ritual I gave you, or, if you don’t feel comfortable with that, try something that does make you feel at peace and serene — morning and evening.  The best way to create change is from your vantage point within a clear field.

Some of you may have already started to flag with release energy.  It sounded like a good idea, looked like a good idea, seems to be something you really need; but, when it comes to actually doing it…well…ug!  That, my friend, is your subconscious that wants to truly hold onto your negative shit because it is comfortable.  Don’t fall victim to this vicious mind creature!  Some of you won’t do battle with this entity until a little further into the program, and others not till close to the very end.  This is okay.  It is natural.  I’d be very surprised if you made it the whole way through without having that dragging feeling.  In essence, this is a signal that you are close to your own tipping point.  Don’t give up and don’t give in!

My Release Diary:  Life will interfere with your release plans.  For months, things have been going well with my father (he has dementia — 84 — yada).  Today we had a major backslide in personality, which of course, requires time to deal with.  That’s okay.  I still managed to get the dinner on the table, finish my release challenge for the day and hold our bi-weekly healing circle.  Resistance you’ll find, doesn’t always manifest within the self.  Sometimes we attract the resistance, subconsciously using the machinations of others to slow ourselves down.  How we react to these life events is a big indicator as to our current emotional stability (which fluctuates for everyone) and how much negativity we are actually pumping into our own field.  So, the next time you see red?  Think white instead!

In service



27 thoughts on “Day Three of the Great Release Challenge!”

  1. Silver, I’ve got to share this with you!
    The Braucherie Morning Ritual works!!!
    I’m sorry I sound so shocked..forgive the skeptic logic thinker in me.
    I used it today and said it nine times slowly with Thursday, Lord of the Day Bring me Good Fortune in Every Way..(as you stated in your first post on it)
    I figured since Thursday is all about increase and prosperity to use that one..
    Well, I find in my email that I won a gift pack worth $200.00.
    I’ve been entering contests for awhile now and NEVER have I won anything that much. To be honest I haven’t won anything in nearly a year.
    I am going to try a love one tomorrow since Friday is love..
    Thanks for this method.
    Everyone make sure to use it!

    1. Lisa, I can’t thank you enough for writing that comment! Braucherei is so simple that most people think it won’t work. I’m delighted that you shared your good fortune with us. Hopefully, your words will encourage others to use it, too! Thank you, Thank you!

    2. I can’t find the Braucheri ritual. Please sent it to me or tell me where to find it. Thank you, Laura a.k.a. Willowbrie

  2. I started to say that I had no over-my-head storage then I remembered two closets. I’ll get those tomorrow. I clean the top of the fridge once a week (dusting). No clutter on the stairs. Never had a problem with that. But the two closets… one I reorganized last summer so it should be ok but I will look at it (out of season clothing or bedding, changed seasonally). The other is an office closet with binders of lessons, financial records, etc. Hmmmm that one will be a challenge.

  3. Hmmmmm . . . most stuff is decor and in good, clean order, plants, etc. Except . . . the studio/office . . . . . you’re going to be the death of me. LOL!
    I bet I find Jimmy Hoffa!

  4. Oh my, this will be interesting… we live in a condo with 9 foot ceilings and most walls have floor to ceiling storage or shelves to maximize on space. Seeing as I’m 5’7″, nearly half my storage space is above my head. This one will definitely take a while…lol

  5. Thank you Silver. As you set this challenge up, my mind surveys through my house. The top of the refrigerator is the worse culprit and the stairs. My daughter is a symmetry freak, so all my shelves with decor above our head is displayed in perfect order!


  6. So as I survey these challenges I am trying to do each one a tiny bit. I will be really challenged when there’s a car cleaning, LOL. What do you suggest for living with roommates who are unshiftable? I’m moving in March but every time I clean the house it get’s cluttered again.

    For the past two days my answer has been to do my room and my wallet and stuff. I’m just discouraged that I will do the living room only to be knocked down when it’s messy again the next morning.

  7. Wow, That means I have to clean the top of my Frigerator! UGG is right!! It is so full of dust and it can really use a good cleaning there!! I just don’t look forward to all the dust, because it makes me sneeze…. lol!! I haven’t cleaned the top of that thing for atleast a year or so!! I really am enjoying this challenge!!

  8. Ok So I am just starting the challenge, and I am going back and doing day one and two as well. I am having one major problem, that is I live in an area that is well, 11 ft x 20 ft, so its very very small. One wonderful joy has been a built in 6ft by 4ft, technically it is a bunk beds in single bed size, but we have converted it into a seating area and alter on the lower level and a book/dvd storage on the upper level. So obviously the upper level is above my head, I have NO other space for my books etc. If they are removed from this space they would have to go into storage off of property. So in this case what would you recommend for me?

      1. Thanks so much! I did I cleaned everything, dusted etc etc, then I was ruthless removing anything that didn’t need to be up there, its all organized and I know exactly whats there!
        Thanks & Blessings

  9. Good Afternoon Silver, today was a challenge for me. I live with a few other people who are pack rats and do not follow a spiritual path. They are antique collectors but also hoarders LOL so it was very hard for me not to touch their things (sooo many things on top of things lol). I tried telling them about the challenge but they wouldn’t hear it, saying im talking nonsense etc. So i did what i could and worked on my small areas, i wasn’t sure if closets were included in this clearing or not but i haven’t touched my two yet (one in my sacred room, and my bed room) id need help with both due to not being able to lift heavy things. If closets are on the list i hope to get some help and get to them this weekend. I am really enjoying theBraucherie Morning Ritual , today i asked for motivation and boy did i ever get it!, i knew my sacred space needed dusting and rearranging so i worked on that and set up my altar for yule. It looks fabulous! I kept going until i ran out of furniture polish, im hoping to continue this weekend. I look forward to day four. Thank you for taking your time to reply to everyone. It is very much appreciated. Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

    Goddess Bless

    1. Thank you Sypress for bringing this point up — others who are not on the same level as you (for whatever reason). Having lived with a double Leo/Taurus Moon for 30 years (where napping is a high priority) and dealing with my hoarding Capricorn father, and four children who would rather live than clean…I can sympathize. I concentrated then, on what I COULD control, and did boat loads of magick. Worked. It ain’t perfect; but, its better now than then. lol

  10. Silver I started the Braucherie prayer, and the lord prayer, I did both actually, starting at day one, and at first I didn’t notice. But when my hubby called a bit stressed, about a meeting. I was so calm and relaxed, I said eehhh why stress over it. It is what it is, and you know your not involved in it, so why stress, immediately soothing and calming him (love it). I also don’t have any clutter, as I try hard to keep things clean. But! I cleaned out and reorganized anyway, knowing that change is good, and just moving an item from one spot to another changes the energy. Thanks for sharing your time with us.

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  12. Finally re-organized the closet in my office with all my binders, supplies, and files– on 12/24/10. I only removed two binders of printed materials, but reorganizing the way that I stored everything in there– I have 1/2 shelf that is totally empty now, and the closet itself looks very tidy! I am so pleased!

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