Make Ur Own Pumpkin Prosperity Powder!

Pumpkin Prosperity Powder/Wealth Herbal Mix
by Silver RavenWolf

copyright 2010

Take advantage of the harvest season to whip up an extra special prosperity powder to share with family members and covenmates! You can use all the ingredients listed here, or add herbs from your own garden.

Dried Pumpkin Seeds
Corn Meal
Dried Marigold Petals
Small Cinnamon Chips
Dried Patchouli
Devil’s Shoestring Chips
Dried Cinquefoil
Dried Chocolate Mint
Gold or Red Glitter (optional)

Step One. Grind dried pumpkin seeds, Devil’s Shoestring chips and cinnamon chips to a rough powder.

Step Two. Mix all ingredients together except dried marigold petals and glitter. Sprinkle onto cookie sheet. Draw the runic sigil Feoh in the mixture to attract good fortune (or other wealth sigil of your choice). Bake at 200 degrees for three hours (to thoroughly dry mixture) Or leave out in strong sunlight for at least a full day (weather conditions permitting). This is to ensure that your mixture won’t mold while stored over the winter months.

Step Three. Cool. Add dried marigold petals and glitter. You may also wish to add some whole dried pumpkin seeds as well. If you like, you can draw the Feoh rune on the whole seeds with indelible marker. Cover with black cloth until you are ready to empower.

Step Four. Remove black cloth and walk three times in a circle in a sunwise direction. This is to emulate the birth of the powder as a functioning whole (to create wealth). Empower mixture for success, prosperity, and good fortune on a new or first quarter moon, or when the moon is in a fertile sign. Best done in sunlight. OR you can take this formula one step further to super charge the mixture. To add extra magickal oomph! bury jar in the ground for three days (an old Pow-Wow trick) and then empower in a magick circle. Place quartz crystals on the ground over the jar to assist in magnetizing good fortune energies. Dig up jar after three days. Place jar in the east where it will catch the first rays of the sun on the fourth day.

Step Five. Pour mixture in a jar. Add any special symbols you might like, including the Feoh rune drawn on a slip of paper, or a wealth talisman of your choice. Mixture is ready to use in candle magick, in conjuring bags, etc. and will make a super-something-special gift at your upcoming Samhain ritual celebration!

Option: Decorate the container that will hold your Wealth Mixture. This photo shows two different wealth talismans that I created using Photoshop 8. I printed the talismans on photo paper, glued them to the canning jar lids, then sealed the sigils with an indoor/outdoor sealer.

Note: This mixture is not edible.

Happy Crafting!


5 thoughts on “Make Ur Own Pumpkin Prosperity Powder!”

  1. I’m in the process of obtaining my Real Estate license, and I will need all the help I can get to obtain leads, sales, and therefore commissions (lots and lots of commissions!! LOL!), so I’m planning a money spell (or a few…) and this powder seems to be exactly what I need to strengthen my spell. Seriously, and I’m not just speaking about just this one spell, but in many other ways (through your books, this blog, the FB prayers), I cannot emphasize how much your guidance is needed and appreciated. All I can say is thank you Silver for all you do. All of it!! 🙂 Brightest Blessings!!

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  3. All the other ingredients, I understand. But why the dried chocolate mint. Being that I hate chocolate mint (yes, I am weird that way), I just don’t see it bringing prosperity. Is there a property about chocolate mint I am missing? Mint I get (which I’m not a fan of), chocolate for love spells…yep. I guess my revolt against the smell/taste of both mixed is what disturbs me, and the only reason I couldn’t credit a full 5-stars. Other than that, your prosperity spells work like a charm for me.

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