Summer’s End

Preparing for the Herb Harvest

Summer’s End — Let Go — Let it Flow!
by Silver RavenWolf

copyright 2010

“I hate September,” said Thorn.  “Its always an awful month.”

“Its true,” said his partner.  “He despises September.”

I blinked.  I was born in September, therefore it is my favorite month (naturally).  I decided I wouldn’t say anything about that.  Instead, I countered, “But it is so beautiful here!  Deep blue skies, bright colors, and the smell of autumn…I love those things!”

“I hate September,” Thorn repeated.

“You dislike September,” I said, “because it is a time of endings.”

“You got it!”

I nodded.  “The most spiritual people I’ve known have left this world in September.  It is a natural time of closing.  And, if we don’t let issues, problems, habits, bad choices go…then the universe makes life rather unpleasant until we come to the realization that nothing is permanent and everything must change.”

“Yes!” he said.  “Its hard to know what to let go of.  Definitely a time of review.”

“Doesn’t help that we have five planets in retrograde,” said another healing circle member.  “Mercury, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are all in retrograde motion right now.  Hell, the whole sky is practically going backwards!”

“Sounds like my life,” muttered someone on the other side of the porch.  “Shit peddling backwards everywhere.  Can’t even seem to take a breath.  All sorts of crap coming out of the woodwork.  If this is just the start of it I definitely not looking forward to the end of it.”

“Fall can be a difficult time if you fight it,” I said, “especially this year with so many retrograde energies hitting around the same time.  But, look on the bright side, this is definitely the time to review where you are and where you want to go.  It is a good time to think about what you wish to release, evaluate what doesn’t seem to be working, and acknowledge that you have the courage and the will to let the bad stuff go.”

As we enter the autumn season, remember — Change is a Good Thing.  Let go and let it flow!  Here are some magickal ideas to help you:

1.  Think about the worst problem in your life right now.  What can you let go of that may help your situation?  What personal behavior patterns can you change to help your situation?

2.  Do a release ritual.  Whether you choose petition magick, candle magick, or take a walk to your favorite magickal place — be active in positive change rather than passive, stewing in worry.  If one ritual doesn’t do it for you, do at least three total, with one or two week intervals.

3.  Bring the autumn season, in all its glory, into your life.  Acknowledge the beauty of this moment in time.  Plan an autumn party with friends to release fear and worry and welcome the amazing bounty of the season.  Here, at the BFC hearthstone, we have several of these parties planned including the annual HedgeWitch Herb Harvest Party.  The herb harvest includes the cutting down of the garden, a small bonfire and blessing, and a covered dish feast.  The herbs I grow in the summer are then distributed to all who participate to take home, dry, and use as they please.

4.  Start cleaning house.  Even if you worked with me through the HedgeWitch Release program last winter, you’ll have stuff to get rid of that you’ve collected this spring and summer.  Try one drawer at a time.  One cabinet.  One corner of a room.  Slow and steady brings bright and beautiful energies.  You don’t have to be a cleaning tornado to benefit.

5.  Whatever you do — Do NOT give up.  Keep going.  Just remember the old Pow-Wow charm — Lolly, Lolly Chicken Dirt, by tomorrow it won’t hurt!  Sounds like the dumbest thing in the world to say, but, it works!  Remember, nothing is permanent, and everything has the possibility of positive change!

6.  Each morning, list off verbally all the things you love about the season, no matter how inane it sounds.  The more you think about the things you like, the lighter in mind and spirit you will become!  Here’s my list for today:  Halloween decorations, pumpkins, the sweet smell of herb harvest, making pickles, the musky scent of autumn days, cozy thick sweaters.  Now, you try!

These are just a few ideas of working with the closure energies of autumn.  Have ideas I didn’t list?  Be sure to add them to the bottom of this blog, or visit and add your ideas to our message boards.  Together — we learn!   United — we shine!


5 thoughts on “Summer’s End”

  1. I was born September 14, 1956 and I have always love the fall. I love spring and fall but we are talking about the fall. I love the leaves changing colors, the cooling of the weather and the breezes. I love that Halloween is just around the corner and I love Yule too lol. I feel for me it is a time to clean out the old and what’s got on ya and start a new. It is a time for resting a bit from the summers actives and relax into the holidays coming. Re-order your BOS lol after thumbing through it and addinig to it all year lol. I know I have to – In fact I’ve had to buy new bigger binders lol. Fall can be great if you have the right attitude andi clear out the old. “Draw from the past but don’t let the past draw from you.” I wish I could remember the author but I don’tl

  2. So apt that I would read this today. Jeni and I just had our annual “which is better spring or fall” discussion. She has always been a fall person and I am so much more a spring lover. You helped me remember the beauty of this coming season and why I do have so much to look forward to enjoying even as the daylight lessens each passing day.
    Thank you,

  3. It is a beautiful time of year. A beautiful time for the mind, body, & soul. Thank you, Silver. I needed to read something like this, & I am very glad I found it.

    Keep on keeping on 🙂 *

  4. Thank you Silver- needed that right now. christina-clan of the amber owls coven of the jade bullfrogs. much love

  5. Not to sound like a middle of the road person…I really don’t have a favorite season. Each one has it’s greatest gifts to give. I’ve lived in PA all my life and love the Turn of the Wheel. It seems that we will be seeing off a very spiritual person near and dear to us all within the next few days, but thankfully, Samhain is not very far off. Our Clan (Amber Owls) will be losing the vessel, but her spirit will be with us always. Yes, a time of endings and a time to let go will be a lesson some of us will all learn first hand. Goddesses strength be with us all. Love always.

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