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When You Feel Overwhelmed

When you Feel Overwhelmed — by Silver RavenWolf, copyright 2010

Just two stones and the direction of sunshine.

We’ve all been there.  The beast creeps up on you.  Slowly.  Silently.  With great stealth.  Then…wham!  Your breathing becomes shallow, there’s pressure at your temples.  Your mind races.  You might shake, feel a tenseness in your shoulders, or a rush of adrenalin.  Tears may threaten or actually flow.   You feel… lost…alone…helpless.

That git-er-done part of you has gone up and went.  Flew the coop.  Took the last train to Nashville.  Shuffled off to Buffalo.  Whatever.

And there you sit.

And sit.

And sit some more.

Your mind dull, your feelings in the shitter.

Last night my father told me an interesting story.  I’d heard it before, and on the surface it isn’t that great of a recollection.  As many of you know, my father is suffering from dementia.  He has his good spurts and his bad spells.  Yesterday was a good day.  After supper, he said, “You know when I was a kid I saw the strangest thing.”

“Yeah, Pop?  And what was that?”  I sat back in my chair and picked up the crochet project I was working on.

“Once upon a time, you know, the roads were asphalt in the center, but the sides were all small stones.  When it rained, the cops around here were real nice and let the kids build little dams with the stones.  We had such a wonderful time stopping up the water.  When the rain ended, we had to put the stones back.”

My brow furrowed a bit.  I didn’t exactly understand where he was going with this.  And more often than not these days, such revelations never went anywhere.  “You must have had a lot of fun,” I said lamely, concentrating on my stitching.

“And then there was one summer — I’ll never forget it — when it rained on one side of the street and not the other.  It was amazing!  Water rushing down the right side of the street like a big flood and dry as a bone on the other side.  What do you think of that?”

Actually, I’d seen the phenomenon myself as a child.  Stand one place and the summer rain hit you full force.  Take six steps to the left, and…sunshine.  I can also remember one day in deep summer, maybe July, just like now, where the rain fell in torrents in front yard of our house — but, in the back yard?  Bright sunshine.  My friends and I raced from the front of the house to the back several times, laughing and screaming at nature’s sprinkler system.  Except, I didn’t mention this to Pop.  You see, when you are caring for a person with dementia, it is highly unlikely they will remember what you said to them at any given moment.  So, instead I said, “I think that is remarkable, Pop.”  He told me the story two more times, and each time I changed my response in an effort to be supportive and positive.

After he left the table to watch the Western Channel (that’s all he watches), I sat at the table, contemplating his story.  You see, at one time in his life, Pop was fairly psychic.  Not the famous kind — he would just know things, especially if I was in trouble.  Out of the blue he would ask me what was going on, and once, when I almost died in a car accident, he knew the second of the impact, even though he was miles away.  I have always attributed this to the Braucher lineage in the family, and not thought much of it, other than I knew for a fact over many experiences that he could tap into the ability when necessary.  Right this moment I’d been sick for several days with a nasty summer cold, so I wasn’t feeling particularly energetic or even kindly; yet, I knew somehow his story was important.

It came to mind that we all create our own field (that which flows around us) with our thoughts.  Indeed, to me, my world may be dark and ugly and filled with responsibilities coated in snot and dirty tissues; but, to the person standing ten feet away from me (let’s say) their field right now may be filled with sunshine and happiness.  Every field, said my brain, has an edge.  We just don’t see the edges, and therefore assume that our field extends beyond our ability to view the defining line which we can’t see, so we don’t realize it is there.  In our refusal to admit that it is there simply because we can’t physically see it, we find ourselves powerless to change our field, or break through that rain cloud — when really, sunshine for the enjoyment is just a step away.

Every rose may have its thorn, said my brain; but, so too, every field has its edge.

And every field, no matter what it consists of, can be changed and transformed.

The question then, would be — how does one change the field?  By realizing the field that you have created has the limits you put there in the first place.

Spells, rituals, charms, incantations, conversations, the art of placing objects, movies, books, music, art, the internet, physical actions and more all alter your field — yet, the most important control mechanism you have in making positive or negative change is your thoughts.  All else is supplement.  Your thoughts guide your ship.  Your ship crashes and burns or reaches the moon all on the base structure of what you hold in your mind to be true.

You can walk out of the rain anytime and into the sunshine.

And that’s what magick is all about.  Working with the totality of the world around you (plants, candles, bits of paper) and infusing your thoughts with a positive connection to Spirit (whatever that my be in your mind) in the focused direction of change — which, transforms your personal field.

So!  Right now, on this day of the eclipse, I want you to realize that you have a field around you, and the field does, indeed have an edge.  Your field is totally under your control.  Do you like what is in it?  No?  Okay, let’s pick the very worst thing that is going on in your life right now.  Don’t turn away.  Face it.  We’re going to get rid of it.  We are going to change your field.  Right now.

Get two rocks.  Any two rocks.

Sit down.  Imagine you are sitting in a bubble of white light.  Hold one rock in each hand.  Repeat the following chant nine times as you bang the rocks rhythmically together:

(Say your problem) and the dragon, flew over the wagon
The (your problem) abated, and the dragon skee-ated.  (Skee-ated means disappeared).

Are you laughing yet?  It is a funny chant, truly, and you are meant to smile.  Really!

Do it again, nine times.

Do you feel your field changing?  If the answer is yes or no — Do it again!

Now, with one of the rocks, draw an equal-armed cross on the ground three times, and say:  This I credit unto thee as the true nature of Spirit.  Everything Gets Right!  So mote it be.  Bang the rocks together one more time.

In all, the chant is to be done 27 times in one sitting.   Do it again, 27 times, this afternoon or at dusk, and then again right before you  go to bed.

Lolly lolly chicken dirt
By tomorrow it won’t hurt.

Or, at least, it will hurt less.  The more you work to redefine your field, the better your field becomes.  If you are dealing with a particularly nasty problem, do the same, simple working for the next two days, or the next six (making three or seven days in all).  Feel free to list your comments here on the blog on your results.

The chant, by the way, is of Hohman derivation, circa the 1856 copy of his book, Long Lost Friend printed by T. F. Scheffier, Harrisburg, PA.  wherein Hohman states:  This book is partly derived from a work published by a Gipsey, and partly from secret writings, and collected with much pain and trouble, from all parts of the world at different periods by the author, John George Hohman.

To add a little more gusto to the working, cut four small twigs.  Wrap each twig with a piece of one of your old shirts.  When you sit down, place one twig/shirt piece behind you, one twig/shirt piece in front of you, one twig/shirt piece to the left, and one twig/shirt piece to the right.  Burn all four twigs/shirt pieces after you finish the chant, saying as it burns:  Evil be gone, do not return, the horse has run off and the bridges are burned!  Yes, you can bang your rocks together while the wood and material burns.

To really put the zing in this working, gather the twigs at one of the four Pow-Wow Hours — At dawn, at noon, at dusk, or at midnight.

So there you have it — a reason for nonsense.
Everything has its power.
Everything has its use.
Every story has its meaning.



Llewellyn Author of over 23 magickally enchanting books. Braucherei practitioner. Artist, photographer, quilter, chandler, doll maker and lover of genealogy. Visit her WhisperMagick online shoppe at

14 thoughts on “When You Feel Overwhelmed

  1. so the meltdown I had two days ago will now be resolved thanks to your inspirational teachings. I now have the tools to chane my field. How do you always know? Blessings to you and your family. Always cherish those moments of sharing with your Dad, these are the chronicles which build a lifetime of memory. Love, Clara

  2. I see what you are saying and tho I canit bang rocks together and chant, I think I can come up with something to find that edge of sunshine that I so despertly need, at lest I hope I can. I will study on this more.
    You always give that ray of sunshine when it’s really needed, thank you.

  3. Perfectly timed, beautifully stated, and uncannily helpful.

    My mother and I were in a car accident on June 17. Since then, even as I have been healing from my own injuries, I’ve been caring for her. And yes, I am overwhelmed. Her confusion, depression, and the debilitating injuries are almost more than I can take. Thank you for the chants, the knowledge, and, perhaps most of all, the perspective. I think I might be able to find those edges.

    Love and gratitude,


  4. And the Major Meltdown I’ve had this entire week will go away too….

    Reading this, I think I laughed for the first time in quite awhile!

    Thank You, Silver. You truly are a wonderful woman!

    Reading this, I had memories of my Maternal Grandmother. She passed away quite a few years ago… She had Althzimer’s (or however you spell it? ) She would tell her stories over and over again and we had to do that very same things. It was heart breaking when we realized she thought I was her daughter, and had No Idea who My Mother was. She knew my Children, but to her, I wasn’t me. She would scream to the Nurses that she wanted to see her Daughter. My Mother would show up and she’d get so mad. One day, I went to see her, and it was like a light went on. I was her Daughter, at least in her mind. At times, she still thought she was a young girl, at times she thought she was in her 30’s or 40’s. She’d ask where her husband was, or where her sister was, and we had to tell her He was at work, or she was at a friend’s house, to answer her and calm her down, knowing full well that they had both passed on before her. She rarely saw me for who I truly was. But I was comforted that I could help her by being her daughter for her; Because it brought her comfort. But I had to stop going to see her.

    and thenjust a moment ago… another light went on…. this time inside my head….

    Like you said, Everyone has a field around them, and I felt her field affecting my personal field. So, I stopped going. I couldn’t handle it. Seeing her like that. It affected me too much. I had to distance myself before her madness lead to a madness of my own. That’s my Problem, My Curse sometimes. I feel… too much some times. I have felt the Tension in the air, crushing me. I remember commenting about it to friends a few weeks ago. The Air was heavier. I felt I was being weighed down by all the anxiety and nervousness in the air, and I just realized its been causing anxiety and nervousness in my own personal life. I live in Florida, and the Bay is a big concern here. My empathy sometimes gets the best of me and I need to step back before I feel too much!

    I am going to use this to release that tension. and maybe, just maybe I can use it to help the area as well….

    Thank you again, Silver.

    Blessed Be! )O(

  5. Brightest Blessings Silver Ravenwolf! I first want to thank you for posting these wonderful words from both you and your father. Whenever my Elders speak I always listen even though at the time it doesn’t make sense to me and I teach my younger cousins, nephews, and nieces the same because it is as you said that every story has it’s meaning. I can also do the same when reading fictional books. Sometimes in part of the book that brief moment triggers a *a ha* moment and gives some great wisdom or hidden lesson. Your dad sounds like a wonderful man and makes me miss my Meema before she passed. My Meema grew up and lived far in the hills of Kentucky and we would listen to her tell her stories all the time. Learned a lot from her. I also wanted to take a moment to thank you also. I know you probably hear this from a lot of people, but your books and knoweldge were the first contact I had comming into the Old Religon and is why I am here on this path today. That was ten years ago and I still find myself learning from your insight and knowledge. You are a great teacher Silver and thank you for all you do. Many blessings to you and your family! Blessed Be—-Faunus

  6. Thanks Silver! Just did it, but if I understand right, it is not 2x 9 times but 27 in total and then draw the cross right? so I’ll do it again at dusk.
    Anyway it felt good, and I was laughing 🙂

  7. I know what you mean Clara. It seems she somehow always knows ways to help us with current problems!
    I am having a heck of a problem right now at work in which nobody wants to help me do anything and I am feeling like a one-woman show around here, and it seems as though nobody is noticing or even bothering to care! I’m killing myself to get everything done while everybody else sits around! So i am feeling very overwhelmed and miserable and bitchy about the whole situation!
    I am going to try this spell, and see if that maybe helps ppl to wake up and notice things, or hopefully at the very least make me feel more optimistic about my plight that i feel that i’m in! Right now I don’t see anything optimistic about this scenario, but maybe this will help! I hope! Thanks Silver!


  8. Wow, that was quite quick! I didn’t even perform the charm yet and today i finally actually got help in doing my work, AND I actually had somebody tell me that i’m AWESOME in how i perform my job and they wish i could help them also instead of the people that currently help them!.. That certainly preened my ego up a good bit! Lets see how long this lasts! today’s Friday, by Monday it will probably be back to the same old way around here!

  9. Thank you for this Silver RavenWolf.I am having a lot of medical problems and this has been going on for 19 months now and now a couple other things have been added. I do believe that there is a reason for my going through all this. I have found myself wanting to end it all,the pain,bleeding having to come in for blood transfusions and on an IV at home 16 hours everyday.
    As I write you now I’m in the hospital now third time in about a month and a half,blood loss and fevers 103.5 and all. I’m so glad that a friend posted this and that you took the time to think about others with all that you have going on in your life, I not only admire you as a writter but also I admire you as the strong wonderful woman that you are. I do beleive that this is just what I needed.
    Brightest Blessings

    1. As you may or may not know, my father has dementia. Last week, every night at dinner, he told me he just wanted to die. At first, I made no comment, thinking this might be a phase of the dementia, and said something inane and let it go. Since he doesn’t remember what you say, you just go with the moment. Then, right after physical therapy one afternoon, he wouldn’t get in the car, telling me that he just wanted to die. The physical therapist and I managed to stuff him in the car and when I got home, I had to park across the street because my neighbors with their plethora of used vehicles had the spots jammed. When I got my father out of the car, he walked ten steps and stopped. In the center of the street. Not moving. He refused to take another step. “I just want to die,” he said. OMG. Visions of tractor trailers mowing him down filled my brain.

      There is nothing medically wrong with my father other than the dementia; and therefore, I’d had enough. I turned to him and said, “Look here! You are still on this planet because you have something to do! There are people a lot worse off than you are — and they are still plugging along. Why? Because they have a mission to fulfill! My best friend crawled on her hands and knees for years. She raised three children from the floor! So don’t you tell me that you want to die because you have it so rough. You don’t! Just because you don’t know what is ahead doesn’t give you the right to fold up. Everyone is here for a reason, and when the reason is done, Spirit decides it is time for you to go — you don’t get that luxury! He blinked and stood firm.

      Not a single car, truck, bus, nor bicycle moved on that street. It was like we were suspended in time, heat waves spinning around us.

      “Pick up your feet and move!” I said. “Every second you live gives you brownie points in your Karma bank, Pop. Let’s go!”

      He narrowed his eyes and hunched his shoulders; but, he moved.

      I agree with you, Moongazer, that life can really suck, and what you are going through is an awful thing. I know, though, that from this experience amazing things will bloom. Hang in there. We love you and we are all certainly working for you.

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